Chapter 150: Experiments are the Origin of Success


I drank with Ash till evening. Then,

「Hyahaa~! Boss, thanks for today~」

Ash got drunk.

「………are you ok?」
「I-I’m fine~…….! It’s just that I was drinkin’ around this strong magic, so my body got drunk…..If I go to the plains those bastards that were at the rabbits’ shop should be waiting………I’m fine…」

It doesn’t sound like you’re fine. If he happens to meet a monster along the way back, he’d probably be in trouble…that’s right….

「Just in case, I can have my golem send you back.」
「Hya hyahha~, is that ok!?」
「You told me quite a bit after all.」

I’d received information about Manaril’s public popularity and her fan base amongst men and women. I should return the favor.

「Golem. See him into town.」

I had made a golem around the same size as Ash.
If it guided him back, he should be safe. It was set to come back automatically, so recovery of it was easy as pie.

「U, ussu, thanks see ya」
「It’s fine, be careful on the way back~」

Ash headed off into the forest unsteadily. Along the way he got his feet caught on roots and plants, tripping along, while every now and then slamming into a tree.

I was a bit worried if he’d make it back to town by himself…but the golem could carry him, so it should be fine. His friends should be at the plain.」

「Ok then, I should do my own things.」

After seeing him off, I went and sat down on a bench in the garden. I had to continue what I was doing before, improving the composite golem.

………thanks to the large group of people that would be expected to show up, I had to be careful of how large I made it.

If I made it too big and heavy, then it would be both intimidating and dangerous. I kept that thought in my head as I continued working.

「Well, let’s try some different things.」

Since it was a prototype, I didn’t have to worry about how it would turn out. Today alone I had made around 6 different prototypes and they were lined up in the garden.

……I was in the process of confirming what shape and style had the best performance and ability. It was a bit fun molding the different ones.

From time to time a very strangely shaped one would pop out, but that was fun in itself.
So I kept going.

…..I wanted to complete as much as I could before dinner tonight.

And so I continued to work with the wood and water until…

「…….umm, why, is all this craziness, out here?」

Hesty came out of her cabin and stared at the fifth prototype with wide eyes.

「Yo Hesty. Did you finish with that wand?」
「n, I did, but…what’s this? I can feel a lot of magic, but it is also, whirling and winding, inside of it.」

Ohh? So she could understand even before I explained.
Hesty is as sharp as ever and as quick to understand.

「This one has half water and half apple juice in it. As it walks around, it mixes it pretty well.」

I thought it was pretty good. The insides of the wood kept it reasonably cool and having it mixed as well made it quite delicious.

Well, while it walked around it got strangely flexible and bendy…so it might be kind of scary looking too.

「So, that’s how it became like this…….the water and juice are, strengthening the magic, in the wood, and it becomes amazing. Both the hardness, and flexibility are, strange.」
「I made it harder so that it wouldn’t leak. Oh wait…maybe I can strengthen the liquid I put inside?」

But…being harder is good. Makes it easier to carry things.

「n…..even if you hit it with that big rock over there, I don’t think there would be, a single crack. It has high, battle power.」

As she said, I had the golem hit the rock. Then, just as she said, it didn’t have a single crack, while the stone was crushed. I’m glad that it was properly toughened up…however,

「It’s just a juice server…so I don’t think it really needs battle power?」
「n~……well, yeah. You’re right……..I’ve decided to stop caring, that your things for everyday, necessities have high, battle power.」

Hesty said as I saw her looking at me with an dreadful look in her eyes. Is this golem really that strange?

…….in that case I should remodel it some more.

I was already satisfied with the fingers and the like…but let’s work things out step-by-step.



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