Chapter 151: Friendly Terms and Spirits


There were only a few days till Manaril’s live.

Looking at my golems wet with the morning dew, I thought to myself.

…….I want to try using something else besides for apples as the water golem cores.

There were several water golems with apples for cores. That was fine in itself and they moved well, but increasing the variety and uses was not a bad thing. So…

「Fumu…..I should go grab some magic stones. Hesty you wanna come with?」
「n, I’ll come.」

I thought to go pick up some magic stones and go underground with Hesty but…


When we entered, we found the wind and earth spirits carrying a ton of spirit stones over.
While they were at it, it seemed there were some magic stones as well.

「Umm……maybe we can use these?」
「We, probably, can.」
「….but I, didn’t give these guys any orders right?」

I hadn’t communicated to them my desire for magic stones. Why did they anticipate this and gather them?

「n, they may have heard, what we said above ground. The spirits’, sense of hearing, can be mixed in with nature. Also spirits, with a Master Servant, contract have an instinctive knowledge of the Master’s, desires. I think that may be, it as, well.」
「Eh~ so they have that kind of power too?」

The spirits nodded at me. It appears that Hesty’s explanation hit the mark.

「n, well, it’s not like they can read minds, and neither can I, it’s just a bit of instinct. Nothing more, nothing less. I think they moved due to your words.」

I see so it’s not mind reading exactly. It’s nice that we were able to come to a mutual understanding, but it was surprising that they got things all prepared.

But, I am thankful, so I’ll pet them a bit.

「Keep it within reason…Ok guys?」

I said while patting their heads, and the spirits looked very happy as they wriggled.

「These guys act unexpectedly well.」
「Once they, submit to a person, they will act to help them. Any spirit is the same. Even if it is a wild spirit, once they submit, they will be like that.」

As I recall the wind spirit had gone wild and was being violent, but right now it was lying around and exposing its belly to the air like a dog. It was to the point where you wouldn’t even realize that it was the same creature.

「These guys are strange creatures.」
「Even for me, seeing the Four Spirits like this, is fresh. In fact, I’ve never seen it before.」
「I’ve never seen it either…so we’re the same in that regard. But, Hesty you’ve seen the Four Spirits before?」
「n, in comparison…they were quite stern.」

She said with a bitter look on her face, something must have happened in the past. But now they were acting almost like small animals, so there shouldn’t be any trouble.

「Well, I’m just glad that they’re being docile.」
「That’s right…, ah, you should take your hand, off of them soon.」

I had kept petting them as we conversed…was that bad? I thought and looked at the spirit….


Both spirits were lined up on the ground letting off smoke.

「Eh………? What happened!?」

Their faces were pretty red…maybe they were in bad shape.

「No, this….it looks like they got overexcited from you petting them.」
「Isn’t this too big of a reaction from excitement?」

They were physically letting off smoke.
Though, their faces were quite happy.

「n, they are spirits. Their emotions are very visible. And it looks, like their bodies are, fine.」

Hesty said while looking at the spirits.
They were looking at my hands and then…


They happily twined around my arms.

「……I wonder if this will raise the sensitivity with them.」
「n, probably.」

I just went underground and pet them though.
It seems like this time my relations with the Four Spirits has improved.



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