Chapter 152: Also Good Dragon Relations


We returned from the basement to the garden and saw that Manaril was about to arrive. However, for some reason she had both her hands in a fighting stance in front of her…

「Oh Manaril. Why are you looking like that?」

After hearing my voice she seemed relieved and put down her hands.

「I-I’m so glad. I could feel something coming up from underground, but it was you guys.」
「Who else would it be?」
「W-well, I was thinking that if a monster came out I’d need to defeat it alone. There are slimes that can take human form you know?」
「Oh? There are monsters like that? …….but shouldn’t you be able to sense if it was me or not Manaril?」

If I remembered correctly, she should have some of the strongest sensing abilities amongst dragons. Even so, she couldn’t differentiate between person and monster? When I said that, Manaril’s mouth pouted like a lotus root.

「Your power is too big so I can’t do any detailed sensing! Thinking more clearly it would be strange for a slime to have such power, but what if it did!?」
「Ahh…un…somehow….I’m sorry…」
「N-no, I’m sorry for getting so emotional.」

Manaril said lowering her eyes.
This Dragon King…was basically what you see is what you get. Her emotions were easily visible. At least more so than Hesty.
Un, and her chest size compared to Anne and her behavior was more docile.

「…….what? Why are you looking at my chest?」
「No, it’s nothing.」

Well it seems like she had gotten a little upset before we started talking for real. Well, let’s set that aside.

「So Manaril…what did you come here for?」
「Eh? Ah…umm, I was at the Theater on the plains, but there were so many people…I ended up running away.」
「You’re not good with crowds?」
「J-just a bit. When I’m singing it doesn’t bother me, but at times like these…it does a bit.」

I see. It’s not like I don’t understand the feeling.
When you’re around so many people your stamina and will get whittled down. A crowded train is a prime example…well that aside,

「So that means…you’re free right now Manaril?」
「Eh? That’s right.」
「That’s good. I wanted you to try the drink that I’ll be bringing to the live…is that ok?」

It’d be bad if I ended up bringing something that she didn’t want to drink at all. That’s why I asked. Manaril nodded while seeming confused.

「That’s fine…What beverage?」
「Yeah, it’s watered down apple juice. I just wanted to see if it was palatable.」

I said and called out a golem.
Since last evening when I created it, it had been keeping cool…it was the juice server golem.

What came out of the golem’s finger, was the diluted apple juice that I had told her about. I had it pour it into a wood cup.

「Th-that’s an incredible function.」

I could see her dumbfounded expression. Hesty nodded her head as if to say she completely understood. The entire affair had a weird feeling about it. Anyways,

「Here, take a drink. For the record, I was trying for an easy to drink sports drink kind of flavor.」

It was just apple juice and water mixed together…but taste-wise it couldn’t be too strong.

「Ok then, umm, Thank you for the treat.」

Manaril accepted the cup and silently drank.

「Ahh……it’s cold and delicious…..」

She drank and drank and kept drinking…then…


She sighed and hung her head down.
But, even after a few seconds her head stayed down and she didn’t say anything.

「Umm…Manaril? What’s wrong?」

She didn’t answer and her body instead looked unsteady.
I was wondering if she was okay and grabbed her shoulder, then I caught a look at her face…


Her face was bright red.
In addition, her body floundered and fell onto me.


I grabbed the cup and quickly supported her.
I held up her light body with my arms.
It looked like her eyes were spinning and her body didn’t have any strength.

「What happened?」

It should’ve been just like drinking a soft drink.
Why did it seem like she had just drank a bottle of alcohol?

…… Dragon Kings get excited just like spirits?

I thought when Hesty walked up and looked at the cup.

「Can I, try, a bit?」
「Yeah, I don’t mind…..」

Hesty stuck her finger inside the juice and then licked it.
Then she tasted it for a few seconds before looking at me.

「The strong magic, power inside of the, liquid fermented inside of the wooden, container. It seems to have, gotten much stronger. So it’s not, alcohol drunkenness, but magic.」

This kind of thing can happen too?

「Kyuuuu~~my eyes~~are spinning~~」
「……Well first we need to nurse Manaril.」
「n, that’s right.」

And so we decided that we should let the dizzy Dragon King lie in bed.



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