Chapter 153: Dragon King Break Time


Using the trees and leaved I created a bed to lie Manaril on. After a few minutes of sleep…

「Un……? This is…….?」

Manaril woke up looking warily around her.

「Oh, you’re awake Mana. How are you?」
「……..uun? I’m…..ohkay………but, if I haff to go to a plaish with sho many people……..」

She responded sounding half asleep and murmured some words.
It seems she wasn’t fully awake yet.

It only took a few seconds for her to recover.

「Um…..!? —I-I’m sorry Daichi-san! Wh-what was I even saying….」

Her eyes were fully opened now and she tried to get down from the bed. However,


She fell right back down.

「Ahh, it seems like you’re not back to normal yet. It’s fine if you sleep some more.」
「There’s nothing you need to rush and do right? Then you can take it easy.」
「……u-un. Then…I’ll accept your kindness.」

Manaril said and sat back on the bed.
Soon Hesty arrived with a golem.

「Ah, you’re awake, Manaril.」
「Yeah, one way or another. What were you doing Hesty? I mean with the golem.」
「I went to, get some water from the forest. It’s fairly close…but it is, normal water. This is what you wanted, right?」
「Yeah, thank you Hesty.」

I had her go get some water with very little magic in it.

「She may be drunk, but I don’t think it had a bad, effect on her body, it would probably be fine, if she drank water from, your house. It might even help her, recover.」
「Well, just in case.」

If she got drunk again it’d be troublesome so this should be good. I took the water from the golem into a cup and gave it to Manaril.

「Th-thank you…..but really that golem has some incredible things. I was a bit surprised.」

Manaril said while looking at the juice server golem.

「Honestly, the purpose was to put juice in it and make it cooler and easier to drink…but it looks like I messed up. I’m gonna have to remake it.」
「No, it was my fault that I couldn’t handle it. Don’t worry about it. For a normal Dragon King it would be an exceptional recovery drink. What I was surprised at, is that the golem doesn’t leak at all.」

That’s what it was??

「Yes, water with strong magic is hard to contain. If you don’t have a special container it is likely to burst.」
「Well, I tried various things before creating this.」

But…as expected of the Dragon King of the Lake.
She really knows about water.
To the point where she talks so much about it.

「Have you recovered?」
「Eh…..? Ah, yeah. I think I’m alright. This land makes it easy for my body to fix itself…I returned to normal so quickly.」

Manaril said and stood up from the bed…but her complexion was still poor.
Her hands, which were holding the cup, were still shaking.
Her footing also seemed unstable.

「No, you’re not, all better.」

Hesty retorted calmly.

「Take a longer break.」

Hesty and I pushed her back onto the bed.
There’s no way I could send her on her way like this.

「Uu…..I’m a Dragon King and yet you’re treating me like a child…」
「Well, if the shoe fits…..」

Seeing her next to Hesty I could only see them as a little girl and a young lady.
I was still unable to properly sense things with magic, so I had to base my decisions off of outer appearances.

「…….how should I put it, this is the first time I’ve heard a viewpoint like that.」
「If you don’t like it, then I can change how I treat you a bit more.」

I said and Manaril shook her head.

「Uh-uh, this is fine. It’s more comfortable like this.」

I see, then I’ll just stick with it.

「Ok then, just rest here a while. I’ll be remaking the beverages.」
「Un, ah, but when I’m better can I try helping taste it? I want to try the remade one.」
「I don’t mind…but don’t collapse ok?」
「Fufu, I’m fine. Even so, that juice is so yummy that it might become a habit. I should drink it a bit more and get used to it so it doesn’t affect the live.」

Manaril laughed roguishly and said.

「I see. Then, I’ll make it properly so you can try.」
「Ok, thank you Daichi-san.」

And so our afternoon turned into making drinks and trying them.



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