Chapter 154.5: —Side Dianeia— Whereabouts of Dragon and Princess


Manaril’s live would take place in two days. In the meantime Dianeia went to visit Anne’s shop.

「I’ll line up your order here ok?」

Anne said and lined up many bottles the size of a thumb on the counter and table.

「Yeah, 100 elementary potions. I’ll gratefully accept.」
「Thank you for your purchase Dianeia-sama. But what will you use all these elementary recovery potions for? They can’t be used for serious illnesses you know?」
「……I think that’s a bit weird that you assumed it’s for illness…but it’s fine. It’s for relief squads after all.」

Anne tilted her head in confusion. The Fort City most likely didn’t have such a thing.
Dianeia explained just in case.

「When an event takes place there are often wounded and sick, the relief squad is there to help. They are meant to be able to treat people on the spot.」

It’s linked with municipal government. Prussia was one of the most peaceful places, but that didn’t mean it didn’t have its fair share of ruffians. There were many who would cut loose at the prospect of a festival or event. Due to that, this type of system was put in place.

「——it’s just that…thanks to the festival a short while ago, we used up quite a lot of our supplies. We had to resupply somehow.」
「Is that so?」
「Yeah. —all that’s left is to pick up things for Athena to use.」
「Oh, come to think of it, Athena-sama is training with Karen-anesama.」

Recently Athena and Karen had taken to visiting the field dungeon to the north for extended periods.
The Dungeon Master had already been beaten, so all that was left was to eliminate all the monsters. It wasn’t too dangerous.

……Since they were up there, hopefully they wouldn’t get drawn into the problems to come……

Since Karen was with her there should be no need for concern.
However recently,

『Onee-sama. In a Dungeon you can even dig a hole to sleep in~』

She said with a body covered in scratches.
It seems like she was having a pretty wild experience…making Dianeia worried for her in a different sense.

「It’s amazing that Athena-sama can keep up with Karen-anesama’s spartan training.」
「Apparently “It’s much easier than doing it right next to Daichi-oniisan!” or so she says. I can understand the feeling.」
「Ah….I see.」

Anne seems to get it too.
Certainly, after meeting Daichi and mingling with him, many things seemed less frightening. Dianeia had gone through it as well.
Once you stand in front of overwhelming power like that, things like dungeons are easy.

「Well, since Daichi-dono is basically kind it’s good experience for her to do special training in a dungeon that won’t coddle her.」
「That’s right. Unlike Daichi-sama, the dungeon monsters don’t have any mercy. Under those conditions your wariness increases and some adventurers have been known to go feral.」
「Well, despite that, she hasn’t lost her royal manner, so there shouldn’t be any problems. But it’d be bad if there were wounds left over, that’s why I came to get the medicine myself.」

Watching her own little sister’s growth was a source of enjoyment…Dianeia wanted to at least do a little something to help with the process. Athena’s hard work and her persistence floated through her mind.

As she thought, she placed the potions within her bag.

「Athena is working so hard, I need to do my best to make Mana-dono’s live a success.」

She muttered, when Ramiyuros appeared from the interior of the shop.

「That’s right~ if it fails then we’ll have to fight Katarakta~ I’d like you to spare me from that ok~?」

Seems like she was listening in to the conversation before.
However, she was rubbing her eyes, so she probably just got up.

「Oh, Ramiyuros-dono. Good morning.」
「Un, morning Dianeia-san. And sorry Anne for sleeping instead of helping.」
「No no, don’t worry about it. Actually, Ramiyuros-sama was around for that fight back then huh? I wasn’t even born yet……」

When Ramiyuros heard what she said, she nodded and began speaking.

「It’s been about a hundred years since then huh. It was bad~. Me, Hesty, Manaril, and one other were fighting…but our attacks didn’t hit well and it got drawn out…all the water nearby turned bad too~ Somehow we sealed it, but I don’t wanna do it again~」

Listening to it made it sound scary. After knowing the danger of Katarakta, they had been checking the underground water supply but…

….recently there had been more earth and water with magic in them.

She was becoming even more uneasy. That’s why she firmly resolved…

「….I have to make it a success. The live is the day after tomorrow, can I count on the two of you to help me out once more?」
「Yeah, roger Dianeia-sama.」
「Got it~ Leave it to me~」
「Thank you. I’m grateful….」

Dianeia continued to make her preparations as best she could.



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