Chapter 154: Sound That Controls Water


It was about time for Manaril to head home and for tasting time to end but,

「Umm, I’m not sure if this is acceptable as thanks, but could I give you a song?」
「Oh, you’ll sing?」
「Un, I’d like Daichi-san to listen to it.」

Manaril said as she prepared.

「Ok then, let me hear it. Hesty how about you?」
「n, then, I will too.」

And so, Hesty and I sat down in front of Manaril.
In the meantime it seems she had gotten prepared.

「O-ok then, I’ll sing a little. —{Water Dragon Song—Water Voice}—」

A sound that couldn’t be called singing or speaking came from Manaril’s throat. She was making sounds…but it sounded almost as if she was doing an instrumental.

…….it wasn’t dragon speech or human speech?

However, it didn’t give a feeling of discomfort…in fact it was soothing.

「This is, the {Water Dragon’s Song}. It can control, water. Here, look.」

Hesty whispered and pointed at the water we had prepared earlier.
The water inside the cups were moving and swaying as if they were obeying the song.

…… can really control water……..

I was wondering at it when the song ended.
Then, Manaril closed her mouth, looked at us, and smiled.

「H-how was it?」
「Yeah, it’s a very pretty song.」
「n, it has become, much better than, the last time I heard it.」
「Ehehe, thank you.」

Manaril seemed a bit shy after she asked our opinions.
Then she pointed out to the forest.

「The forest has a lack of water dragons, so the trees are likely to whither. Hopefully this helps the forest get more water.」
「Huh, you even did that too? Thank you. How should I put it, it seems like the range is quite large.」

She was pointing to a pretty far location, so I was wondering if the effects would reach there.

「Ahaha…….even so, I can’t control the water in this magic spot so it’s not that powerful. After all, the Master of this land, Daichi-san, is more powerful than me. I’m grateful…it’s been a while since I’ve been able to sing without minding the surroundings.」
「You mean it’s not like this always?」
「Mmhm. My voice can control water after all. I can’t carelessly practice within towns. If I do poorly and lose control…..then it’s like that…」

Manaril said and looked over at a section of the forest.
There was a large boar lying collapsed there, it had most likely been trying to attack my house.

「That…what happened?」
「The water inside of it got mixed around and taken. It’s a monster with high physical defense but low magic defense after all. If I let my guard down while singing creatures harboring animosity towards me end up like that.」

The boar’s feet twitched and jiggled. It looked like it was still alive, but it was completely knocked out. There was absolutely no sign of it getting up any time soon.

「Mana’s song has quite some power.」
「Un, so if I’m not very careful and regulate it, then I can harm the people that come to see me.」
「That sounds serious.」

She’s a considerate Dragon King, so I can see she how it bothers her.
Trying to sing must be exhausting for her usually.

「Well, since Hesty, Daichi-san, and the Magic Spot Sakura-san are here…it’s filled with strong people. This means I can sing as I please without worrying about there being any effect on the environment here. It’s so relaxing and gratifying.」
「Well, I got to hear a very nice song so it’s alright.」
「I’m grateful to hear you say that…….」

Manaril said sighing…then she timidly peeked at my face.

「H-hey, Daichi-san? Could I come here to sing again? There’s not many places I can go to sing without reservations…..i-if it’s no good then that’s fine too…」
「Hm? I don’t really mind.」

There’s no harm to me letting Manaril sing here.
Actually I’d like her to provide the BGM for my teatime. It was a very pretty song.

「Well, it’d be bad if it was in the middle of the night or early morning…but if it’s at a reasonable hour, then I don’t mind if you come.」
「Th-thank you Daichi-san!」

Manaril took my hand excitedly with a big smile on her face.
And so, she excitedly went on her way, telling me she’d be back soon.



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