Chapter 155: Water Trial


It was the day before Manaril’s live, but what I needed to do hasn’t changed.
I woke up a little before noon and worked with my garden, magic stones, trees, and onsen.

Then Hesty woke up as well, walking outside of her cabin.
She proceeded to hand me a small wand.

「Oh, this was the spare one you talked about?」

It was white and gave a solid feeling to my hand, but it was smaller and lighter than my usual cane.

「Yeah. It’s smaller, with more emphasis on, portability. You can put it on, your belt.」
「Ohh, you made it with that much thought huh?」
「It’s a spare, so it should be easy to carry. Also, there will be times, it will be useful, to have another.」

That’s true. I break these things more often than I’d like to admit, so there will probably be moments when I need to use this as an emergency replacement.

…..well, there’s not many times that I leave the house though.

But, for times when I go to town, this smaller wand might be better.

「Also, it has an emergency feature, that allows the owner to call for it. It can come to you, by itself.」
「Eh? You made it with such a convenient feature?」
「n, well, it’s for assurance, so once you use it, I’ll need to replace the spell.」

As usual, Hesty’s technological ability is amazing.
She had made something that gave me such peace of mind.

「All that’s left, is to use it. If you break it now, I can remake it.」
「OK. It’s perfect cause I wanted to make some water golems. —Water Golem x3—」

I said, holding my wand. Then one body appeared from the onsen, and two appeared from the watering hole. They automatically received a core and lumbered towards me.

「The wand is fine. It looks like there won’t be any problems with everyday usage.」

It looks like I’ll be able to use it normally, I thought, then looked at Hesty. She had a complex look on her face as she stared at the water golems.

「It’s a bit late, to be saying this. But you can, manipulate water too…」
「You are a bit late to that…but it was difficult to do what Mana did with her song. But I imagined it and tried hard, so now I can make water hard…but I still can’t make water wave and twist like she can.」

If I couldn’t make it hard like that, then I couldn’t make golems.

「Well…….it looks like you’re used to it. Controlling water, is unexpectedly difficult.」
「Well, it’s just good that I had examples. Mana and the things that came out in the basement. It made it easy to understand.」
「So it became easy, after just watching it. I don’t think that’s how, it works…….but…whatever.」

Hesty tilted her head to the side, but after looking at the original example carefully, you can understand quite a bit.
The image in your mind was the most important. If you had that down, then you’d find it easier than you think.

「n, that was unexpected. I’ll change how, think about it……..and what are you, doing with the water golems?」
「Well, I wanted to see if I could use it like Wood Armor.」

The other day I had placed my hand inside a water golem, and was able to control it unexpectedly well.

………I had the thought that I might be able to be completely immersed in a golem made from Onsen, I was surprised but…

Be that as it may, I might be able to make Water Armor, or a Hybrid Armor.

「But this is pretty difficult.」
「Eh? But, didn’t you make several, of these?」

Hesty said and looked at a place in the garden.
There were several Water Armors lined up.

「Those have many points in need of improvement. Though they are usable.」
「I feel, like your, standards are set too high. The water whip before, was able, to tie up a dragon.」

The other day, I was walking around the forest and a dragon came at me, and I tied it up and brought it down using the water armor…apparently she had seen me.

「It has enough power…but it lacks the ability to do precise movements. So it is still incomplete.」

I was going to continue my experiments by only inserting my arms or legs inside.

「I see……then use this wand, to make more.」
「Eh? Wasn’t this the spare one?」
「It is, but it’s important to get used to using, it. I also made it from, easy to repair, materials, so if it gets broken, tell me.」
「So that’s why…….then I’ll gratefully use it.」
「n, use it fully. It’ll make me, happy.」

And with that, I continued my work with my new equipment.



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