Chapter 156: Tomorrow’s Schedule and Anticipation


It’d been a while since I’d used a wand, but I continued to improve on my golems. I had gotten a bit tired so I went to lie down in the nap room we had made on the first floor but…

「………hm? Oh?」

I heard a pretty song float in on the wind through the open window.
The beautiful sound made me feel refreshed as I inclined my head to listen. I looked outside and saw Sakura on the porch.

Manaril was further in the garden, but it seemed that Sakura had her eyes closed and was listening to her song. She soon realized I was up.

「Ah, good morning Master. How are you feeling?」
「I’m doing perfectly well. So this is……Mana’s song? How long has she been here?」
「Only about ten minutes. She seems to be singing quite happily.」

Is that so? Her song was echoing throughout the forest, but I didn’t find annoying or noisy and I was able to keep sleeping through it…how weird. Furthermore,

「I feel full of energy…what is this?」

I hadn’t slept for even one hour, but it felt like I had gotten eight hours of sleep based on how good I was feeling.

「Manaril-chan’s song seems to have purification and tranquil properties. That should be why it removed the fatigue from your body Master. It probably combined with the magic in this area and intensified the recovery effect.」
「……I feel like that’s way too amazing for just a voice…」

Well, thanks to that I was feeling great, and while I was talking to Sakura, Manaril stopped singing.

「Fuu…….oh, Daichi-san. Did I wake you?」

She panicked when she saw I had gotten up. There was no trouble so I shook my head.

「No, I woke up feeling great. Thank you.」
「Uh-uh, there aren’t many places I can sing like this so it was very enjoyable…..I’m the one who should say thank you.」

Manaril said with a refreshed look on her face.
I’m glad that she had a good time, I thought.

「Oh, I was wondering what that nice song was…So Mana-dono is here?」

Dianeia said as she approached from the forest.

「Dianeia huh? It feels like it’s been a while.」
「Mm……preparing the event in town takes a lot of time. But thanks to that, the schedule has been decided. I came to relay it to you guys.」

Dianeia said and took out a paper scroll and handed it over.
I unfastened the string and looked at it. There were several details about the live written on it.

「Manaril Seiren Prussia Live. First performance takes place on the plains at noon. Second performance takes place in the evening in town. The plains performance is first?」
「Yeah, if it is light outside then there’s less danger.」
「….oh right, there are monsters out there…」

Normally I passed over it. I either got teleported or rode on Hesty.
But I do remember when I was using Skanda and flight version wood armor…quite a number of monsters were sent flying about.
Was it really alright to have a live in that location?

「Yes, I’ll put up a barrier so there won’t be a problem. Also since you’ve used your powers out there Daichi-dono, it makes it hard for monsters to appear.」

What does she mean by that? I wondered when Sakura nodded.

「That’s right. Master usually tests his wood armor over there so it automatically causes pressure making most of the monsters run away.」
「Mhmm, thanks to that it’s become peaceful. I’m grateful for that.」

I hadn’t done that on purpose…but since it helped out I’m glad. It is my walking path after all.

「Anyhow Mana-dono…is it alright for the plains to be first?」
「Let me think……for me if I don’t adjust properly then there might be problems and victims in town. If I get the chance to adjust first in the plain, then it’ll help.」
「Oh, thank goodness. Then after this we should return to the castle and make more detailed plans.」
「Roger that.」

Manaril approves apparently. Which means I’ll have to deliver her drinks……..

「n then, I’ll head to the plains with my things. That’s ok right?」

I asked. Manaril and Dianeia nodded with apologetic looks on their faces.

「Yeah…..sorry to cause you trouble.」
「Yeah, sorry to have you work with us all this time without a satisfactory expression of our gratitude.」
「You don’t have to apologize. I’m getting some advantage too. Even today, I got to have a perfect nap.」

I said and Manaril seemed a bit surprised.

「….I feel like that’s the first time I’ve heard something like that about my voice alone.」
「n? is that so?」
「Yeah, if I sing as I please then the power is quite high. So…thanks Daichi-san.」

Manaril said with a peaceful smile on her face.
Her cheeks also seem to be blushing a bit, so maybe she’s a bit embarrassed.

「It’s before the live so you should practice as you want and keep your voice in condition. Dianeia can we borrow Mana for a bit longer?」
「Yeah, there’s no trouble. If she gets tired, I can teleport her back to the castle…..I want to hear Mana-dono’s song as well.」
「I want to listen too Manaril-chan.」

As we said that, Manaril’s cheeks blushed even more and she took a breath.

「Th-then I’ll sing…….」

Manaril’s beautiful song echoed in the peaceful afternoon.



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