Chapter 157.5: —Side Dianeia Manaril— Various Problems on Opening Day


9 o’clock A.M.

Dianeia had rose with the sun and was doing final checks.
The work had all finished, but she was checking documents.

「This is fine too……ok somehow I looked over it all.」

It was a hastily put together event, but she believed that management-wise it was done properly.

…….All that was left was inspecting the plains…….

If nothing happened, they’d hold the concert on the plains, then come back to do the second concert in town with no trouble.

「Fufu, looking forward to it.」

That was when she’d be able to spend some time with Daichi.
It might be selfish, but even so she was looking forward to it.

……be that as it may, she had to put in effort right now to make sure she could enjoy later.

Negligence was a powerful enemy. At the very least, she couldn’t let her tension down till this evening.

…….when evening came she’d be experiencing a different type of tension…but that one would be pleasant.

Dianeia thought as she gathered up the papers and placed them in the finished box. At that moment…

「Princess! There’s an emergency message!」

There was a knock at the door as the Knight Captain yelled out.

「——Emergency? What happened!?」
「Manaril-sama has arrived and needs to speak to you.」
「Mana-dono is…….!? Let her in immediately!」

The door was thrown open accordingly.
There was the Knight Captain with sweat on his forehead and an out of breath Manaril.
She wondered what could have happened to put her in such a state.

「What happened Mana-dono!?」

Manaril panted and took a deep breath to speak.

「J-just now, I sensed the water. Wondering, how it was today……then I felt that the, underground water around here has become strange.」
「The movement of magic has become unstable…..this sudden change is a definite turn for the worse.」
「Can it be……Katarakta has awoken?」

Hearing that things were going badly, Dianeia thought that was the problem immediately.
But, Manaril shook her head.

「No, it shouldn’t be yet. If it completely escaped the seal then I should get recoil that will let me know.」
「I-is that so? But…it looks like we should hurry.」
「Yes, I agree.」

Dianeia looked at Manaril as they both nodded.

「Then we should have you head over now.」
「Yes of course. The earlier the better. I came her to do that. However…」

Manaril said with a difficult expression.

「An early morning concert won’t attract many people. Without more people my song’s effect will lessen.」
「That’s right…….you said that it increases the power.」
「Yes, so can I leave gathering people to you?」
「Yeah, that’s no problem. The knights should already be prepared. Right?」

Dianeia looked at the Knight Captain and he nodded.

「Ha! From the town to the plains…our security is all ready! —Also we have a cheering squad of 100 people ready to go!」
「As you heard. Can you manage with 100?」

Some audience members had already arrived at the venue.
Manaril seemed a bit surprised, but laughed.

「That’s enough……….you guys are reliable.」
「I am grateful to receive a Dragon King’s compliment…..we’ve dealt with many issues like this. We have learned to prepare.」
「That’s right. We’ve learned the importance of proper preparations and the need for quick action from our times with Daichi-dono!」

The Knight Captain said throwing out his chest…though with a wry smile.

「Well, we were saved from crisis time after time by Daichi-dono…」
「Haha, that’s right. But…..we have no intention of relying on him alone. Let’s head to the stage Mana-dono. Let’s do our best.」
「——un, I’ll be counting on you Dianeia.」

Manaril said gripping Dianeia’s hand. Then,

「We’ll be going ahead Knight Captain 《Teleport》」

And so they teleported to the plains.



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