Chapter 157: Amusement Time and Anticipation of Fun


By the time Manaril finished singing it was near evening. Then,

「That’s right Daichi-dono…do you have plans for after you deliver drinks to the Live on the Plains?」

Dianeia asked in the orange light of the setting sun.

「Plans for after?…..I was just gonna go home like usual?」

I didn’t have any business except delivering the things to Manaril.
It couldn’t be helped that I had to go there…but all that was left afterwards was to go home.

The moment I said that, Dianeia’s face flashed with a moment of happiness.

「I-I see. Then what do you think about going to the town to see Mana-dono’s evening stage? It’ll be all lighted up and colorful…」
「The live in town huh…」

Seeing the colorful big stage in town would be a learning experience. When I had made the stage in the plains, I found imagining it more difficult than I expected. But even so…

「There’ll definitely be a lot of people………..」

Unlike the festival, there would be a lot of people concentrated in one place. Such a jam-packed place doesn’t really make it easy to look at things.

……..I don’t like places like crowded trains and the like….

I was pretty disinclined to agree. I frowned a bit when…

「Umu, I thought Daichi-dono would say that…….I was thinking about giving you official private seats.」
「Official seats?」
「That’s right. They would be inside my office in the castle, or a private room if you’d like. From there you should be able to see the stage well. There’s not much difference if you’re right in front of the stage or a little distance away.」

Going inside the castle to watch huh?
I see, then I can avoid the crowd.
I’ll be able to look at the stage structure and listen to beautiful music. That’d be nice, it’s just…

「Is it ok for me to stay in the castle like that?」

I’d put the coating on myself once more. However, it’d be bad if the soldiers got affected that badly again. Will it be alright?

「No, there’s no need to worry. The Knights need to steel themselves and work hard during the event. In fact this would be good training.」

Dianeia was asserting herself pretty strongly.
Well, if she’s thought this much…then I might go have a look.

「n then, I’ll go to the private seats you prepared after the live on the plains.」

As I said that, Dianeia’s expression brightened immediately.

「Yeah. I don’t think it’ll be for too long though.」
「I don’t mind how long!」

Dianeia said seeming happy as she clenched her fists.

「Th-then I’ll have to finish preparations. I’ll see you tomorrow! Mana-dono I need to teleport you so come over here.」
「O-ok. Got it. See ya Daichi-san.」

Manaril said. Then she and the excited Dianeia disappeared.

「Dianeia-san looks like she’s having fun.」
「That’s right…….hm, Sakura…why are you so close?」

Before I realized it, Sakura had lightly grabbed onto my arm. She was soft so it felt pretty nice.

「No no, I’m just feeling my spirit of competition burning…please don’t mind it.」
「I-is that so?」
「Yes, it’s just competitive spirit. Tomorrow you’ll be having fun with Dianeia-san, so today it’s my turn to enjoy my time with Master.」

Sakura said laughing. But…

「…….you seem to be gripping tighter….is it my imagination?」
「Fufu, it’s just competitiveness. I just need to pressure more so that I don’t lose to Dianeia-san…」


If feels like Sakura is being more assertive than usual. It was cute so it didn’t feel bad though.

「Also, I made some new snacks and cake before, would you like to eat them with me?」
「Yeah, I think I’ll have some.」
「Ok. I’ll get them ready. It’s snack time with Master!」

And so we spent the evening peacefully.



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