Chapter 158: Crowd Departure


Morning of the concert. Hesty, Sakura, and I left the garden.

「Master, I’ve prepared the lunchbox and drinks.」
「n, I’m ok too.」

Sakura and Hesty were waiting with their baggage in hand.

It looks like there would be no trouble in leaving now.

「Ok then, all that’s left are the golems.」

I had to make the golems I was bringing.

「……just as we thought up last night. Wood Golem x10.」

Last night I’d talked with Hesty and Sakura and decided to bring 10 wood and water golems with us.

There should be enough.

The water golems took more time and effort so I made them beforehand. All that was left was for me to make the wood golems that would carry the barrels.

「Un, I’m glad we prepared last night. It makes this easier.
「Golem making, shouldn’t be easy though……..」

Hesty still continued to say things like that, but it was honestly easy.
Then after I created the wood golems…

「Water golem, come here.」

I called them out.
They looked similar to the wood golems, but their insides were filled with liquid.

…..though it made it so we couldn’t tell which ones had onsen water and which ones had apple juice…it was a Russian roulette….

It couldn’t be helped that we couldn’t determine based on outward appearances. As long as we open the tap on them, we would be able to tell. The onsen water was clean, so it should be drinkable anyways.

As I was looking at them, Hesty gently touched one.

「…..un, it’s very well done. It’s fighting strength, might be enough, that one of them could defeat the town.」
「Well, they’re not for combat though.」

I had given it higher horsepower so it could get places faster. It was a juice server, so it was basically just for carrying baggage.

The regular wood golems were carrying the luggage this time.

「Well, with this the golems should be good. All that’s left is my armor.」

I’d have to walk all the way to the plains from here so it’d be troublesome. Instead…

「Umm 『Vajra』+『Skanda』. Mode 『Wind Vajra』」

What I’d come up with was the bottom half of 『Skanda』 with its acceleration power and the top half of 『Vajra』 with power.
So I thought to name it 『Wind Vajra』 for now.

Mixing Skanda’s way very high movement speed and Vajra’s heaviness and slowness created a happy medium. It was an all-purpose form.

「Sakura, come here please.」
「Ok, excuse me.」

Then Sakura and I entered the armor, when Hesty pointed at my armor’s right arm.

「That Vajra, has an equipment storage place?」
「Yeah, I thought loading and unloading was a hassle.」

Individually they weighed quite a bit and cleanup was a hassle.

However, now that I can place them within the armor and use it to support them, the weight didn’t affect me.
That’s why I was able to place all these things inside.

「Also if the golem’s tap gets blocked I’ll need to hit it to get it open again.」
「…..if you use, too much power, the golem, will go flying, so be careful.」
「Yeah, I won’t mess up that badly so don’t worry.」

I’ve already learned how to keep the power down to about 5%.
I wouldn’t want to hit the juice server hard enough to break it.

「Ok then, since the armor is all set…let’s go.」

I said and took a step and began walking with the aid of the wooden suspension springs. My legs were enhanced with springs, magic stones to aid acceleration, and water jet functions.

Basically I’d use the springs and suspension to get around normally at regular speed and balance…but if I needed more speed in an emergency or otherwise I could use the magic stones and water to achieve fast movement.

It was a very convenient form.

「Moving like this is the way to go for sure……ok then, let’s be on our way Sakura, Hesty.」
「Ok let’s go Master!」
「n, got it~」

And so we went along with 20 golems to the plains.



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