Chapter 159: Water Leak and Gushing


By the time Dianeia and Manaril reached the plains, weird things had already started happening.

「What’s up with this muddy place!」

The plains covered in short grass had now turned into a swampy wetland. Mud covered their feet making walking difficult.

……..this land should be fairly good a draining water away…what happened!?

Furthermore, the water on the plains wasn’t normal.

「This is…violet colored…..?」
「It is water that has reacted with Katarakta’s power. With time it will become more poisonous.」

Manaril said as she frowned.
As expected, the situation wasn’t good.

Dianeia was thinking when armored soldiers came splashing through the wetlands.
It was the knights they’d sent ahead.

「We have been awaiting you Princess and Manaril-sama! The cheering squad has already been deployed but…..the numbers….this water coupled with its magical poison effect has paralyzed many and they are down.」
「Paralyzed? Are their lives in danger?」
「No———though they may be paralyzed, it is closer to paralysis from magic induced fear…….those who experienced Daichi-sama’s visit should easily be able to withstand it!」

The knight laughed with cold sweat on his brow.

「What’s more, when it turned to marshlands some monsters have been making appearances, however the Shining Heads have intercepted them.」

Even monsters were coming out? It was truly an abnormal situation.
That alone made her grateful that the Shining Heads were here….

「But still…paralysis poison is troublesome…..」
「No, what’s really troublesome is when this water returns under the ground and mixes with the underground streams, spreading paralysis water around.」

Manaril said in response. Then she hurriedly climbed on stage holding a microphone-like wand and having the spirits ready their instruments.

「I need to keep this water from reaching town. —We need to start quickly!」
「Ok! Everyone—–are you ready to listen!?」
「Yes! We are greatly looking forward to Manaril-sama’s performance! Right everyone!?」
「Uoooooooooooooo! Manaril-chan!」

The knights in front of the stage all raised one hand and cheered with all their might. Actually there were some Shining Heads who had mixed in as well after they’d finished fighting monsters.

It’s good that they’re lively.
The audience was ready…there should be no problem.

「Ok Mana-dono, go ahead whenever you’re ready.」
「Ok, my preparations are done……ok then let’s go —《Water Dragon Song》—」

And so the spirits began to play and Manaril started to sing. It was a song that had no human or dragon words…but it still echoed through the plains.

It made the water shake and swirl.

「Oh, the water color is……..」

It began to change from violet to transparent normalcy.

…… this was the effect of Mana-dono’s song?

The effect was incredible, Dianeia thought as she looked up at Manaril. At that moment.


A sound echoed out across the plains.

It appeared a few hundred meters from the stage. At that location…

「……..what…is that?」

A single giant column of water shot towards the sky.
「What is that?」
As I was walking through the forest I saw a pillar of water rising into the sky. It looked like it was coming from the plains.

「That’s some strange magic in that water huh?」 (Sakura)

It wasn’t regular water. I could tell from the color, but it had magic in it?
Well, it wouldn’t have that color if it was just muddy water.

「But why is that water going around in the air? Hesty do you know anything?」

I said and looked at Hesty. She appeared surprised as she stared at the pillar of water.

「Hesty? What’s wrong?」
「n, that might be……Katarakta.」

She murmured.

「You mean the Katarakta that was sealed? The dragon? It got out?」

I asked once more, and Hesty seemed worried as she shook her head.

「Uh-uh……the power is too small, it might be a monster, that I don’t know. If it was the real one, then we should be able to, sense it. But, what is it?」

“but wait” She said as she shook her head in denial and worrying.
Make up your mind, is it Katarakta or not?

「For now should we go take a look?」
「……let’s do that. But, I’ll go ahead, and check it out.」
「Eh? Just you?」
「n, with this amount of power, I should be able to clear it up, by myself. By myself I can ignore, various things and go faster. ——I’ll be off.」

She said and started running.
Actually…she’s really fast.
Ignoring all plants and trees she mowed down everything in her path going straight through.

「Hesty-chan’s fast isn’t she?」
「That’s right. Well, we should follow as best we can so we’re not late. Wood golem, wood armor, speed up a bit.」

And so we followed Hesty’s path as we began to run.



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