Chapter 161: One Swing as Advertised


I got down from the stage and stepped forward.

「It was finally time to listen to some good music so why don’t you stop it Katarakta.」

What’s more…

「It’d be troublesome if that poison-like water got into the forest. What are you going to do if you dirty my house’s water?」

I stepped out in front of my golems and…

「I will crush those who jeopardize my peaceful life! 《Wind Vajra》 change into indestructible 《Vajra》 mode!」

My armor transformed from its movement form to its combat form.

As I arrived next to Dianeia, she looked at me with exhaustion and relief.

「Daichi-dono…you came………」
「Sorry for being late.」
「No, don’t worry about it. It was our fault for holding the event earlier than planned……..」
「Oioi, you’re staggering…don’t push yourself too hard.」
「No, I can still move…I can still support you.」

Dianeia said as she stood with her staff.
What a strong-willed princess, I thought while I observed Katarakta.

Purple water in the form of a large dragon…it had numerous black crystals floating inside of it.

「——–looks like it has the same structure as water golems. It has cores within it that maintain the body.」

I heard Sakura’s voice say close to my ear. I see…it’s a gigantic water golem.

「So…if I get rid of the cores I can defeat it?」

I asked Dianeia and she nodded back.

「Y-yeah, but be careful Daichi-dono. After taking one hit, it transforms into water and runs away. As it does that, the poison water mixes further with the land.」

Certainly the purple water was overflowing from here. This must be the cause of the muddiness at the edge of the forest. It’s a huge nuisance.

「——first I need to stop that poison water that’s coming out of it…Wood Golems go.」

My wooden golems ran towards Katarakta’s side.

「Th-those golems are going to hold it back!? B-but the size is……..」
「No, that’s not what they’re doing.」

What I needed them to do was spread apples around Katarakta. That would be perfect…after all…

「—-trees hold it down!」

Just with that, the trees grew rapidly and engulfed Katarakta’s body.


Katarakta wriggled and bent its body trying to escape, but it wouldn’t be that easy.

「I’m used to this from making water golems…!」

In the twinkling of an eye, the trees had enveloped Katarakta’s body inside a wooden shell. I had thickened it so not a drop of water would leak.

「I-is that method really ok….!?」

Dianeia seemed strangely surprised, but it should be fine since it held back the poison water. It was just…

「It won’t last for too long huh…」

It was creaking and cracking from Katarakta going wild within it.
I had only trapped it for a short amount of time. Within that time-frame I had to settle this but…

「Hey, can you send that as high into the air as possible?」
「I-into the air? ………uummm if I use the rebound of a barrier then I can barely do it but…..」

Dianeia said with a difficult look on her face. As expected that size was hard. As I thought that…

「I, can do, it.」

Hesty arrived next to us and said that.
Her face was covered with poison water, but she seemed as energetic as ever.

「Oh Hesty. Sorry I was late.」
「Don’t worry, about it. We’re saved now, thanks to you.—so, it’s fine if I, send it up, to the sky?」
「Can you?」
「I can. If I use, impact breath I can. That is lighter than, Ramiyuros. What’s more, I’ve powered up, since then.」

Hesty said wiping off the poison water and puffing up her chest in pride.

「Good. Thanks to that I can use that arm.」
「Use that arm, you can’t mean…….」
「Yeah, I can swing my right arm as hard as I want.」

The moment I said that, Hesty’s face stiffened up.

「Yeah, that’s right. If you aimed at the ground, things would get really, bad.」

Dianeia’s face froze as well.

「That’s the thing you used on Karen-dono…..but it sounds like you were holding back quite a bit…right?」

But even so the plains had been damaged considerably.
If possible I don’t want that to happen again.

If it was just opening a hole in the plains then it’d be ok…but I still don’t think it’s good.

「n, got it. I’ll take responsibility for getting it up, there.」
「——ok then, I’ll help too. I can at least send it up slightly to help her.」

They had both decided on what they wanted to do. As I was getting ready I heard a pretty voice from behind me.

「I will back you up with my voice. If I sing with all my power, it should weaken Katarakta.」

It seems like Manaril would participate as well. That’s good.

「Thank you guys. Ok then, let’s do it.」

They began their work as I said that.

「《Twenty-fold Barrier》!」

First was Dianeia with her barrier, lifting the wood covered Katarakta into the sky. Then…

「《Impact Breath》…!」

Hesty fired a full powered breath at it. Her tiny body let out an incredible shockwave sending Katarakta into the sky. As expected of Hesty.

「There shouldn’t be any problem now…I can get serious.」

This would be the first time to fully use Vajra’s power.
I knew that it was strong…but because of that I had always used it carefully.

……….after all, if I used it seriously many things would end up broken.

However, if I were to swing at the sky…I wouldn’t have to worry. I could be anchored to the ground.

Since the ground was muddy, I sent the anchors deep into the ground to hold me in place. With this my countermeasures for recoil were complete.

「Sakura, I’ll leave the rear to you.」
「Ok, use your power as you please Master.」

Sakura covered everything with as much power as she could muster.
With this I should be able to swing as I please.

「Receive my first blow Katarakta.」

What would come next was my full powered attack.

Using Vajra fully.
In order to fully utilize it I had the mallet(pestle) on my right hand.

「—–Pierce the Heavens Vajra!」

Then my right arm flew at extreme speed. Steam covered it as it screeched against the wind pressure before breaking through…….


And instantly hit Katarakta.
The hard wooden shell was instantly pierced through sending the shockwave through. The shock continued up through the sky, piercing through clouds. Katarakta’s scream echoed out…


As it disappeared with not a speck left.



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