Chapter 162: A Tonic after the Task


「Destruction of the cores has been confirmed. It’s over now, right Master?」
「Yeah, it’s over…..but…….」

After the shock and light faded and I put down my right arm, I took a breath and looked behind me.
A huge hole had opened up.

「I didn’t think the recoil would cause such a deep hole.」

The power was earth-shattering and it seems the aftereffects were as well.
A large hole was carved out of the ground with me in the center.

In fact, my legs were completely driven into the ground as well. The armor was still okay though.

「It appears there are parts of the ground that couldn’t handle it.」
「I see….」

The area in a radius of twenty meters around me looked as if a meteor had struck.
The hole was also several meters deep.

The water on the plains was flowing into the hole, but it wasn’t getting filled anytime soon. It looks like I really dug myself into a hole on this one.

「I made all my preparations for the recoil…but it looks like I have to think of some kind of launching pad.」

I muttered as Dianeia approached.
Her face was covered in the purple water and was a bit pale.

「As always amazing power Daichi-dono……」
「Umm, how should I say this….Sorry I ended up opening a hole after everything.」
「N-no, don’t worry about it. I was just thinking that I wanted a watering hole on these plains. —–Yeah, if I think of it like creating a small lake here then it’s a happy thing!」

Dianeia said encouragingly.
Well, though you call it a lake, there’s nothing but poisonous water in it right now…

「Actually, destroying the core didn’t purify the poison water huh?」

I muttered.

「That’s right. That’s why, Katarakta’s poison water, is troublesome…….usually it would be troublesome.」

Hesty said as she walked over. She was covered in poison as well, but she seemed fine.

「However, this time you, sent it flying as hard as you could. So it’s fine. All that’s left is, cleaning up the existing poison water. Having it all gather here, makes it, much easier.」
「Un, thank you~ Daichi-san~」

Manaril followed Hesty over to me.

「Is your body alright?」
「Thanks to you. The recovery water and juice that you brought helped me recover…so all that’s left is the cleanup.」
「Cleanup…you mean a song?」
「Yes, my concert can purify it. I need to clean it up nicely.」

She said and returned to the stage where she held her mic wand.

「There aren’t too many audience members…is that alright?」

Almost all the knights that had come to spectate were down. Most of the adventurers and the Skinhead guys were passed out in the standing section. There were barely any people that could count as an audience.

「Yes, it’s fine. My physical condition is great……and the golems are here too.」

Some of the golems had been consumed in the battle with Katarakta, but there were about ten left.
Manaril was speaking confidently, so it looks like she was ready.

「Even if they’re not living things you can borrow their magic huh…」
「Yes, I’ll be fine —This is my last song I’ll sing here. 《Water Dragon Breath》」

And Manaril began to sing onstage once more.

The beautiful song I’d heard before enveloped the plains.

At that moment the golems in the audience began lightly glowing, that light flew over and gathered on Manaril’s body. Then,

「This is amazing…」

The purple water that was gathered in the hole began to shine with light as the dark color began to evaporate into the sky. It got clearer and clearer. Then after several seconds it became transparent.

But even then she didn’t stop singing, then…

「n…? Rain?」
「Yeah, a drizzle….actually this is probably the water that got launched into the air.」

It looked like the water I had sent flying upwards had made its way back down once more.

However, it no longer had a poisonous color. It fell and was purified by the song as it shone with pure light in the skies above.

It also fell on the stage and on Manaril. The midday sun and the glow from the purified rain wrapped around Manaril’s graceful singing form.

「Ahh…..that’s so beautiful. The singing and the view.」
「n, you’re right.」
「We set up lights back in town, but it can’t compare to this.」

And so, the muddy and poisonous plains were purified by the beautiful song that echoed to the skies.



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