Chapter 164: Break Time and Reward


Hesty and I had been brought into town. We had been led to Dianeia’s office in the castle. We were there to watch Manaril’s concert in town.

「So these are the VIP box seats huh?」

Chairs had been prepared in front of a large window.

From that window we could see the lit up concert venue. These were truly VIP seats.

…..though getting here was a bit of a hassle.

Once we entered the castle, the Knights greeted us with high tension and saluted. I was a bit troubled with how to respond. Well, leaving that aside the seats were good.

「Come to think of it, things went wild on the plains, but they’re holding this even without caring for it.」
「n, well, all things except, injuries will be fixed, with Manaril’s songs. In fact it’s because, things went wild like that, that purification is necessary.」

Hesty said while looking out at the town.
As she said, if the poison water had reached the town it’d be bad. Using the concert to purify any stray water is necessary.

「What’s more, is that Mana’s throat was fully, recovered from the drinks you gave. She’s not really burdened, by it.」
「I see…..well they can’t just tell everyone to leave after they gathered here. Sakura is also preparing food at home.」
「Ah, that’s right, Sakura said something like that.」

A little while ago before coming to town…

『Well then, I’ll return early and prepare dinner. After all that fighting and going to see the concert…you’ll be hungry for sure! I’ll make lots and lots of food!』

She said and returned to my home.
As she said, I feel like listening to Manaril’s songs would whet my appetite.
That’s why after I enjoy the music and atmosphere, I’ll go home immediately and enjoy dinner.

「n……then, I’ll set off early too.」

Hesty said and stepped out the window.

「Huh, where are you going?」
「I will go, see Anne and Ramiyuros. Though the Katarakta, problem is over, I need to get their report.」

She’s as considerate as usual. She looked a bit happy so I wouldn’t stop her.

「Once we finish talking, I’ll avoid being caught, by Anne, and return.」
「Ok, roger that. I’ll return too after watching the concert」
「n, then I’ll see you.」

Hesty said and jumped outside.
I was the only one left in the room.

Then I began to take a seat to watch the concert.

「Everyone thank you for waiting!」

Dianeia, who had changed into clean clothing, entered the office.

「Oh, Dianeia? It’s fine I haven’t been waiting long.」
「I see——eh…huh? Daichi-dono…you’re alone?」

Dianeia said looking around restlessly, then looked at my face.
Well, it’s as you can see.

「Everyone had things they had to do. Well, let’s watch the concert.」

And so, Dianeia sat next to me and we began watching the concert.
Dianeia was more nervous than she had ever been.

Even when she was fighting, her hands had never sweat like this.

…….Calm down.

She took a deep breath and made sure she’d be able to speak normally. Though her heart was pounding out of control from them being alone…she couldn’t panic. ‘I need to talk just like usual’ she thought when…

「Hey Dianeia?」
「Hya hyaaa!?」

She jumped from his sudden call.

「…….what’s wrong?」
「N-no, it’s nothing!」
「Ok? That’s fine but…….has the cleanup from this matter been finished? It sounded difficult from what you said before the concert.」
「Ahh….that’s right.」

As Daichi said, Dianeia thought back.

…….many things happened during this incident.

In truth, the ex post facto report, confirming casualties, etc. were all things she needed to do. She was going to abstain from watching the concert with Daichi…however,

『We’ll be fine Princess!』
『That’s right! Don’t worry about these little wounds ze! We’d rather listen to Manaril-chan’s song!』
『So please let us do the aftercare after the concert! If we don’t we’ll lose the chance to watch her live!』

The Knights said with tension unthinkable outside of a battle. She took them up on the offer and went off.

………be that as it may she did do the minimum necessary to stabilize the situation.

「For now the things that needed to be done in a hurry are finished. I’ll work more after this concert ends but…..there’s not many chances to enjoy things with you so I’m thankful.」
「I don’t think looking at the stage with me is that fun though? Well, the concert is fun…」
「Fufu, that’s not so. At the very least I….am enjoying myself a lot.」

Dianeia said laughing as they appreciated the concert.
Her concert that had nothing to do with fighting and the special location truly made this a special occasion.



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