Chapter 165: Personal Singing Voice


「Manaril-cha~n! Thank you——!」

The concert ended to the cheers of the crowd as Manaril went backstage. She wiped the sweat off her forehead when,

「Good work today Manaril-sama, please take this.」

A reserved knight handed her a towel.

「Th-thank you.」
「Manaril-sama, do you have any plans for after this?」

The knight asked as Manaril wiped the sweat from her body.

「Hm? Why do you ask?」
「There’s a closing party at the castle. You’re welcome to attend if you’re so inclined.」
「A party huh……there’ll be a lot of people right?」
「That’s right. The Knights, the Adventurers, the townspeople, and various events will be going on.」

Manaril listened to the knight’s description and pondered for a bit before slowly nodding.

「Then, I’ll participate a little bit to thank the people who came to watch. —but after a bit I’ll slip out. I have someplace I need to go.」
「Eh? A place you need to go….?」
「Yes. I haven’t thanked that man for the success of my concerts yet……..ok, let’s head to the castle.」

Manaril said smiling, as she finished wiping her sweat.
After the concert finished Dianeia took me back home through teleportation. Sakura came out to greet us with a smile.

「Ara, welcome home Master. Welcome to you too Dianeia-san. Dinner is ready so please take a seat~.」
「Ok, got it.」

I said and walked towards the table she had set up in the garden with various foods on top of it. Hesty was sitting there too.

「Welcome back.」
「Yeah I’m home……but Hesty your cheeks look a little swollen…what happened?」
「…..Anne was really pushy. My skin was softened, from the poison. So her crushing me to her chest, rubbed my cheeks the wrong way. If I rest, they’ll go back to normal.」

Hesty said unhappily. She must have been strongly ‘attacked’ by Anne.

As I was thinking that Dianeia handed Sakura a package.

「Sakura-dono please take this. This is some food I brought from the closing party.」
「Ara, thank you. Why don’t you eat dinner with us Dianeia-san?」
「Sorry, I should be heading back. I entrusted the management to the Knight Captain so there shouldn’t be any trouble, but I need to guide the leading actress Mana-dono.」

She said and was about to teleport again when I noticed something.

「Huh? It looks like Mana’s coming here…」

I could see Manaril walking in from the forest.

「W-why are you here?」
「Sorry Dianeia. Even though you threw a party I ended up sneaking out.」

Manaril said with a wry smile.

「I did go for a bit to thank everyone……..but if I’m there I think that there would be wounded people forcing themselves to go.」

When she heard that, Dianeia seemed a bit taken aback.

「Ah…….that’s true. Thank you for your consideration. I’m just sorry I didn’t notice sooner.」
「It’s fine. I’m not very good with crowds usually and I wanted to come give Daichi-san my thanks for the success of the concerts. In the end I slipped out partway through.」

Manaril said and stared at my face. However,

「There’s nothing to be specially thanking me for.」

The success of the concert was from Mana doing her best singing. Plus the stage in town was made by Dianeia. I hadn’t done anything for the second one at all. I was about to say that when Dianeia shook her head bashfully.

「Un, I already thanked the people in town. But it was thanks to Daichi-san that I could sing so happily. I came here once again to give you my thanks.」

Manaril said as she smiled and took out her mic shaped wand.

「Can I sing a song of gratitude as you have dinner?」
「I don’t mind, but didn’t you just sing a lot? Are you ok?」
「Un, I love singing more than eating dinner. Plus it can help recovery.」

So she can self-sufficiently recover?
What a useful Dragon King.

「Ok then, I’ll leave it to you Mana.」
「Please do. This is my final concert for the day, it’s a special one so I’ll put my heart into it.」

And so we enjoyed Manaril’s third concert of the day as we ate dinner.

The dragon sang as we ate.

A quiet dinner was good, but having such nice music with dinner was great.



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