Chapter 168: Bring-your-own Resort


We walked through the forest and reached the lake in the plains. However, the first one we met was.


Anne who was wearing a black swimsuit.

「……something, annoying appeared……」
「I wanted to see youuuuuuuu!」

The moment Hesty reacted she had already leapt onto her head on and swept her into a crushing embrace. All at once Hesty’s head was completely enveloped by her breasts which were emphasized by the swimsuit.


Ahh, it looks like Hesty was going to be stuck there for a while, I thought when…

「Ahh, sorry for the noisiness Hesty, Daichi-san, and Sakura-san.」

Manaril said from behind Anne. She was also wearing a swimsuit.

「Oooh, Mana you’re wearing a cute swimsuit? It’s nice.」

I said and she blushed while laughing happily.

「Ehehe, thank you. I’m glad I invited Daichi-san and the rest.」
「I see…so you were the one who brought this up. Actually, since Anne is here, did you invite all the Dragon Kings?」
「Uh-uh. I only invited Hesty and Daichi-san. Anne came here in the morning and wouldn’t leave.」
「I had a sudden foresight! I felt that Aneue-sama would wear something sexy here!」

If I had to say…Anne would be the sexy one. Well, certainly Hesty’s pure white swimsuit was very cute.

「Actually, this may be a bit impolite, but Hesty, you have a swimsuit too?」

She didn’t seem to care very much about clothes so I almost thought she’d go skinny-dipping.

「……n, this is something I wore while swimming on my, journey. I know the common sense, of wearing something, to swim. Also——get off of me already!」
「Ahhn~! It’s stronger than usual…! Maybe it’s because of the thin swimsuit……..!!?」

Anne’s breasts jiggled much more than usual as Hesty made her escape.

「Fuu……good grief, it’s already hot, but I got necessarily, sweaty.」
「Haha, well we’ll enter the water soon.」

The lake was around the size of a fifty meter pool. It was deep enough that it’d be nice to swim in. All that was left was…

「A changing room.」

I couldn’t just change into my trunks out in public so I used some trees and constructed a small changing room. While I was at it, I made some benches to rest.

「D-Daichi-san makes buildings easily as usual.」
「Instead of a building, it’s more like a simple box so it’s really easy.」

Now after changing into my trunks next is…

「Golem come here.」
「? Daichi-sama what is that golem?」
「n, ahh, I wouldn’t feel right just jumping into the clean water like this…so I brought a water server golem that I turned into a shower golem.」

I modified the faucet on its finger and made it so that the water coming out would be like a shower. This should help keep the water clean.

「Th-this is the first time I’ve seen a golem used like this…….should I say it’s extravagant or amazing…….」
「Really? I think it’s quite convenient?」

Anne seemed quite surprised but I thought it was useful for everyday life.

There were times when you’d want to take a shower when you’re not home. Also if I brought the onsen golem I’d have a mobile bath house. It was nearby so I held back from doing so.

「…….bringing onsen water with such, magic power around with you, would be abnormal, I’d think?」

Hesty had said. Honestly I had thought it was a groundbreaking idea.

Especially if your body got chilly you could enter the onsen at any time. It’d be great.

「Well, un, the idea is amazing. But it’s too, high level, for others to, reproduce.」
「Umu, well it’s convenient. This place is good to enjoy the cool of the evening.」

Until now this was a place without anything except a lake, but now it had a full suite of equipment.

「That’s right. I think, this place is relaxing.」
「It is. There was a resort near the Fort City’s lake, but it was only one area.」
「For this to be like a resort…..hmm the surroundings are a bit too desolate.」

Be that as it may, it seemed comfortable.

「Master. I’m prepared.」

Sakura said and exited the changing room wearing a cute swimsuit.
It had low exposure, but even so the skin that was exposed was pretty and radiant.

「H-how is it?」
「Yeah, it looks good on you.」

Actually, all the Dragon Kings here were pretty or cute. It was a feast for the eyes.

Plus I could cool off here, it was a great place.

「Ok then, let’s enjoy a nice swim!」



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