Chapter 17: Increasing and Multiplying Quickly


Let’s just be frank.

We overdid it.

Before I knew it my house was a Seven Story Building.

「This has already become a building…..」
「Yes indeed.」

Sakura was smiling brightly.

「It even has an elevator.」
「Yes, it is an elevator made with magic!」

Sleeping, waking up, eating, taking a walk, “getting along” with Sakura, and sleeping again.
This was the result of a week of living like this.

Honestly, I’m aware that this is an extremely sedentary lifestyle.

「Well, wait….I don’t think we did it that much though….」

In fact, I don’t think that we did it every day for that week even.
Besides for those few times we only really just went to sleep together.
It’s a mystery as to why so much changed.

If you were to calculate according to the times we did do it, it should have been 1 or 2 levels at the most.

「Because Master’s magic power is much too strong, it only takes one time to make me completely full. Therefore, for a short while afterwards, just touching me will accomplish things like this I think.」
「Eh? In other words….just by sleeping together we’ll make more additions to the building?」

Expanding the house just got even simpler!

Well, it’s not particularly great that the house has gotten bigger though.

「Since it’s become like this, I can’t really see the surroundings like before.」

Since it stands straight, even if you look out under the window, you won’t be able to see what’s going on.

I wonder if security is going to be alright?
These past few days I haven’t really gone to any floors except for the top floor and the bottom floor.
I should at least synchronize and check it for the time being. Then I can leave it to the golems.

「It’s alright Master! If it’s Master’s golems, then any intruder will be defeated easily!」

Certainly, any intruder will be instantly dealt with.

On the second floor the apple gathering golems with their blades are on standby, and on the third floor there are golems I made from rock.

I was wondering whether the weight would surpass what was safe, but according to Sakura my house is coated in magic and that increases its toughness and the amount of weight it can handle by quite a bit.

Furthermore, the overflowing magic made it so bugs and stray animals wouldn’t gather.
Thieves, burglars, etc. haven’t attacked yet either.

「That’s why, even if my security is all OK—– I really don’t have any use for the extra rooms.」

Even when it was only one floor added on, I was troubled with how to use it, now there are six others.

What to do? I’m troubled with how to use them.

The choices are apple storage, apple tree wood storage, golem storage, and storage for the provisions the wolf people bring. That’s all!
Or should I say, that was just the first floor.

I wonder if it’s alright that I’m really only using the top floor and the bottom floor.

「You don’t have to be in such a rush to decide. They won’t rot or anything.」
「Well, that’s true I guess.」

I was complaining some, but honestly this wasn’t too bad.
Especially the view from the top floor was particularly beautiful.

Each day morning, noon, and night I can see the beautiful sky,

「It’s tall enough that I can see the surrounding geography and it’s quite interesting.」

With my house as the center, to the west there is a rocky area and to the east is the forest.
Further inside the forest I can see something that looks like a town.

I wonder if that’s the royal capital that the witch princess was talking about?

「This great view, comfortable place to live, and delicious food every day…this is luxury.」
「Fufu, I’ll take that compliment, thank you very much.」

Furthermore, recently the dragons that had been flying around my house have disappeared.
The flapping sounds from their wings that disturbed my sleep is gone now.

With this kind of height, I can clearly see the surroundings around my house, and it has become a good lookout for danger……well since I can synchronize I don’t really need to look out anyways.

Because my view was improved somewhat, I was able to see the wolf people etc. within the forest.

….actually, today those guys are guiding travelers once again.

Actually I recall that nowadays there’s money being made. They interact with the people who want to pass through the forest, barter with them, and bring me supplies and items.

Having them give me the same supplies each day as if I was their king was bad, so I talked to them, and when the wolf people’s leader heard that I was declining he said 『I apologize, please accept this offering, I will leave my life here as compensation』 so I couldn’t refuse. (TN: he thought he was angry because there wasn’t any variety as well.)

「Well, as long as it’s peaceful, and you don’t give me any trouble, it’s all fine with me.」

Nodding the wolf people in the forest turned to look at me.
Apparently they noticed my gaze.
Even though we have a distance of a few hundred meters between us,

『Our King, your magic is too powerful, and as such is different from the gaze of other people. Therefore, we wolf people can detect Master’s gaze no matter the distance between us!』
So they said, and they actually did notice me just now. Then,

「Woah, they’re actually doing dogeza in front of the other people.」

When they turned to face me the fell to their knees and bowed with respect. Then,

「Our King!! We are, just as you ordered, living peacefully each day!」

Oh god this is embarrassing.
While in the dogeza pose they yell really loudly.
It’s really embarrassing to please stop now!

The travelers are also really surprised too!

「This…..I’ve got to talk to the Wolf People’s leader about this later.」
「They’re following you Master.」

That’s not at the level of just following me.
I don’t want to go through such embarrassing things anymore, so I’d better give them proper instructions.

「…..well, like this I can observe many different places now thanks to my house getting bigger.」

Really, it’s not a bad thing.
That’s why, maybe just a little more “expansion” might be good.
(TN: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )



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