Chapter 170: Eating on a Hot Day


I decided to teach Hesty and Anne but I wasn’t really an instructor. Because of that I decided to use some tools.

「Umm…….for now something to help them float in the water.」

I looked at the trees to the side of the lake and decided to use those.

「Trees, change form.」

I made it so there would be a lot of air inside and made it very thin. I made it small enough to be held someone’s arms and softer as well. So now…

「Ok, it floats.」

I didn’t know how much it would float, but when I pushed it into the water it had a suitable amount of resistance. The balance was good as well. With this I’d finished the kickboard.

「Now using this we’ll practice in the shallows.」
「Umm……? How do we use these?」
「You hold onto this and practice floating. Like this.」

I showed them how to use it when they looked confused.

「I’ll try…..」

Hesty said and held onto the kickboard. Then she started floating. She was quick to learn.

「Haaaa……..aneue-sama, so cute……..」

Anne used her own methods to master the use of the kickboard and was floating their staring at Hesty’s back. More accurately she was staring at Hesty’s butt. It was a bit bad so I stepped in between.

「Aahhn! Aneue-sama’s back is…….well Daichi-sama’s body filled with power is wonderful too…….」

And so her gaze fell onto me. It was troublesome so I decided to ignore it.

Anne was learning at an incredible speed. As long as she had the kickboard it looked like she was able to swim now. Or so I thought when…

「Umm, Daichi-san. Somehow, Anne is getting way too excited with Daichi-san teaching her so…I’ll take over from here.」

Manaril said with an apologetic look. If she supported me in this then it should be fine.

「I’ll leave it to you.」

All that was left was Hesty but…

「n pu……..I can float ok…but I’m not, moving forward?」

She had mastered floating. However it seems like she couldn’t swim yet.

「Yeah, from now on I’ll be supporting you.」

We were going to start on the next level. I walked in front of Hesty and grasped her hands.

「Ok then, now I’ll be walking backwards so you kick your legs to go forward.」

I said and she gripped my hands tightly.

「G-got it…….」
「Well, you don’t need to hold on so tightly, I won’t let you go. In fact, if you’re so tense you can’t swim.」
「uu……….n, got it. I’ll leave myself in your hands.」
「Yeah, I’ll take care of you.」

I nodded and Hesty entrusted herself to me. And so Hesty and I held hands as she swam.
After practicing for a while Hesty was mostly able to swim without much assistance.

Supporting her while she swam…
…was a good and relaxing way to get some exercise.

I thought when,

「Master~. I’ve brought lunch so please come when you’re ready~」

I heard Sakura call from the shore and saw her with a wrapped lunch.

「Ohh, it’s already lunchtime?」
It was good timing. Hesty had grasped the feeling of floating in the water and was almost ready to swim without support…

「Ok then, let’s take a break and eat.」

After all, if you force yourself to keep going too long you won’t have any fun.

「n, ok.」

And so we stepped onto the shore, took a short shower, and walked over to have lunch.
We sat at the wood table that I’d made and lined up in front of the food Sakura prepared.

However, its contents were different from usual.

「Today’s lunch is yakisoba, sausage, and other things that give you the impression of the beach.」
「It’s a lake though…but it gives a good feeling.」

After sweating and swimming the salty taste was really delicious. I’d exercised my entire body so I was definitely hungry. All these combined together and I steadily chewed through my lunch.

……this kind of thing was good at times.

I thought as I had a peaceful lunch with the Dragon Kings.



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