Chapter 172: Lake Encounter


I had learned how to breathe underwater and wanted to go under the surface of the lake.

「I want to practice underwater breathing a bit.」
「Yes, go ahead. I will be on standby just in case.」
「Then, I will support you, too.」

I was thankful for the Dragon Kings’ support. With the lecture from the two of them I decided to give this a shot.

「M’kay, 《Coating》」

After wrapping the magical layer around my body and moved to the center of the lake, placing my face underwater.

I checked that I could breathe, then…


I started swimming for the bottom of the lake.

As I swam I realized that Coating also worked like goggles. It allowed me to swim without closing my eyes.

「n, good progress.」

I got the stamp of approval from Hesty who was following me. But,

「But, you can breathe, you know?」
「Oh yeah. I can….」

I had unintentionally held my breath from habit.
The need to hold my breath underwater was ingrained in my mind.

If I had experience with diving then it might be different though.

「I wonder if I’ll ever get used to this.」

I said looking around at the water all around me.

「Well, coating is, that kind of magic……actually I’m, realizing again how strong and stable, your coating is. It can even, push the water aside, it’s surprising.」

Looking at Hesty, her coating was more like a membrane while mine leaned towards being thick. Well, either way we were both able to breathe and move.

I thought and looked upwards.

「Ooohhh, this is pretty amazing.」

I could see straight through the crystal clear water. The sunlight filtered through the shimmering liquid and I could see Sakura and Manaril swimming around.

Seeing everything from the bottom was a different type of experience. It was really interesting.

「Certainly doing this in a deep lake with fish and various things around would be good.」
「n, you can, probably do that, in the Fort City’s lake.」

Is that so? In that case then I should get more used to breathing underwater, then when another hot day comes around I might go take a look at that lake.

……….well at that time I might invite some other people.

Going alone would be a little lonely for a long awaited recreation. Going with several people would be good.

I thought and started to want to rise back to the surface, when…


I saw a small hole appear in the bottom of the lake.

「Huh? What’s that?」
「…..a small, magical reaction? This is………」

That hole got larger and larger until I saw a person’s hand appear. Then a face popped out…

「Pu, puwa! F-finally we got out, but there’s more water.—Eh? Daichi-oniisan!? Wh-why are you here!?」

Athena appeared with only her head covered in Coating. Furthermore,

「If you wish, then it comes true…….」

Karen followed with a happy and vigorous look in her eyes.

I didn’t know why the two of them were dirty and popping out of a hole in the lake but,

「…….for now, why don’t we go up?」
「Ah, yes. Ok Daichi-oniisan.」

My underwater breathing training was done for now. We rose to the surface to talk calmly.



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