Chapter 173.5: —Side Prussia— Reward for Continued Work


Dianeia was receiving a report from Athena and Karen who’d come back from the dungeon.

「What!? Daichi-dono was going around naked!?」
「O-onee-sama, calm down. He was in a swimsuit, a swimsuit.」
「O-oh, sorry. I lost my cool.」

She had been buried under paperwork more than usual and was sleep deprived. After hearing the information she had misunderstood.

She thought to herself, ‘I have to control my emotions better’ and began to listen more closely.

「And so, Daichi-dono wants to go to the Fort City’s beach?」
「Ummm, I said that he could probably use it.」

Fumu, Dianeia started imagining things.

…….Daichi-dono was very powerful so the journey there should be safe…..


「Karen…you and the other Dragon Kings are going too right?」
「Yes, that’s right Dianeia. Besides myself, Anne, Hesty, and Manaril have said they wanted to go….Ramiyuros will likely come as well.」

She said, so Dianeia would have to make sure there would be enough space for them. If they were careful then they wouldn’t cause too much damage to the surroundings even without coating, but…

「Are any special preparations necessary?」
「No, not really. This trip is for pleasure after all. We have no other goal except to relax.」

It seems there wasn’t anything specific needed from the Dragon King side of things. Fumu, in that case the trip should be fine.

「Hey hey, how about it? Do you think we can?」
「Hm? Yeah. I can give permission.」
「No, that’s not it. Onee-sama wants to come too right?」
「Well…….you’re not wrong.」

Recently she had been working really hard without any time off.
She wanted to just go and have fun. The Knight Captain had even told her to 「go and have a rest already」 so this was a good chance to rest. However…

「My swimsuit……I wonder if it fits?」
「Ah, Onee-sama’s size has gotten bigger.」

Though the fact that she didn’t say where was a kindness.
She had been cooped up all the time in the castle working and her body had gotten heavier. She was training, but her training was mostly not of the exercise type so she’d let down her guard a bit.

「I need to shape up, but there’s only a few days….」

Even so, her upper half had become a bit plumper (bust) so she may have to have her swimsuit changed.

………as expected, she didn’t want to show Daichi-dono something pathetic………

「By the way, has the schedule been decided?」
「Uh-uh, we haven’t decided yet.」
「I see. Then I’ll have to regulate my body and wait for Daichi-dono’s decision.」

She thought that maybe she should start her preparations and purchases today.

「Will you be coming too Athena?」
「Un, I wanna play with Daichi-oniisan.」
「I see. Then Karen, Athena…do you have some time today? I was thinking to go swimsuit shopping.」

It’d be easiest to get things ready now she thought and invited them.

「Ah really!? Then I’m coming too!」
「Alright, I’ll accompany you as well. I didn’t bring a swimsuit with me so I should pick up a new one.」
「Got it. —I’ll finish my work quickly so just wait a little while.」

With the prospect of a fun vacation with Daichi, Dianeia finished her work with newfound vigor.



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