Chapter 173: Lake Invitation


I stepped onto the shore and listened to Athena and Karen’s story.

「So you were training in the dungeon ever since this morning?」

Looking at her again, Athena seemed worn-out.

「Sounds difficult.」
「Uh-uh, it’s fine. I got to meet Daichi-oniisan so I’m feeling good somehow.」
「Yes, I’m just like Princess Athena.」

Karen said and looked at me straightforwardly and blatantly. She’s got a strong gaze as usual, I thought.

「By the way, what are you doing Daichi-oniisan?」

Athena asked.

「n, ahh, I’m having some fun and swimming. It’s hot after all.」
「Playing in…this lake?」

I wonder if I said anything strange?

「Let me just tell you, Hesty and the others are playing here too.」

Even now everyone else except for us were swimming in the lake.

「Y-yeah, I guess so. Dragon King-sans can swim and play but……nevermind. I understand, Daichi-oniisan can swim here too.」

Oh. It seems like she thought I couldn’t swim.

「Well, I can swim pretty well. I’ve gone plenty of places to swim after all.」
「Ah, y-yeah. I guess so.」

Somehow it seems like Athena’s face has gotten strange again. But…whatever. It’s not like there’s a problem. I thought when,

「But still, why is a man such as Daichi using coating to swim? You can definitely swim in any type of water.」

Karen said while tilting her head.

「Well…it’s not for swimming. I heard how to breathe underwater so I thought that using coating would be good.」
「Ohh, I see. Then I can understand it.」

Karen nodded, but it made me wonder what else it could be used for.

「Anyways, if you need to breathe underwater, do you have any plans of going into a deep body of water?」
「Well, I guess. I was practicing because I might end up going to the Fort City’s lake.」

The moment I said that Athena’s eyes began to sparkle.

「You’re going to that big resort!? That’s so nice, I wish I could go!」
「Un, that’s right. The Fort City’s lake is one of the most popular relaxation spots.」

Is that so? First I’ve heard of it.

…….but…popular huh?

「If there’s too many people at this place…I wouldn’t want to take a vacation there…..」
「Ah, in that case you don’t have to worry. Our Royal Family has a sort of private beach there so if you use that you should be able to peacefully enjoy yourself.」

Really? They had something like that?
As expected of the Royal Family.

「So, could I tell Onee-sama that Daichi-oniisan is planning on going there?」
「Tell Dianeia?」
「Un, Onee-sama seems like she’s had it hard recently so I bet she’d want to play. I think she’d give us permission.」

So it was like that?
Then I guess we should ask her.

「Ok then, I’ll leave it to you Athena.」
「Ok~. Got it~. Then I’ll go tell her~」

She said cheerfully and left with Karen.

But still a private beach at a resort.
Even though it’s a lake it seems to be an amazing place.
But as I was thinking…

「Ahhhh, even though I just got out it’s so hot.」

The sun was beating down from above.
I had started to sweat again.

So I jumped into the lake once more and started to swim.



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