Chapter 174: Dining Table Decision


I had changed out of my swimsuit and went home when,


For some reason the water spirit was sticking close to me.

「Umm…….? What’s going on here?」

I asked as my body was felt up.

「n, I think that, it felt different magic power, than usual so it was, checking.」
「Felt different magic power?」
「You swam in the lake right? You probably, took in some of Katarakta’s, magic power.」
「Eh? That happens?」

Well it was true that I had relaxed while being supported by Katarakta most of the time.

「Katarakta is close to being, a water spirit, and you played around with it. I think that the, water spirit might be, a bit jealous?」

The water spirit spoke up and nodded as if agreeing to what Hesty said.

「I feel like you liked playing in the onsen. Maybe I should play with you there again?」

The water spirit happily nodded at my words and let go of me.

「……umm, you mean like, the time when the onsen, exploded?」
「That’s right. It seems to like melting itself into the onsen water and changing shape.」

It did that and we played together, but it ended up becoming like a geyser. The entire garden got soaked. At the time I was just glad that the clothes had been brought in before that…

「……I, didn’t think that was, playing, I thought it was some sort of, enemy intercepting system.」
「Eh? Why?」

It wasn’t like a dragon had come to attack back then.

「The surrounding slime type monsters, approached you know?」
「n, if you didn’t realize, then fine. When they got hit by the, onsen water, the slimes ran away.」

Hmm, for such a thing to happen…
I didn’t realize at all.
Well, I’m glad it didn’t turn into a problem.

「The slimes are coming that often?」
「As expected, when they’re newly born, it’s hard to control. There are quite a lot of monsters, that have sworn allegiance.」

Huh, wait a second. I just heard something new.

「There are those that have pledged allegiance to me? Are there any others than the Wolf People and Combat Rabbits?」
「That’s right. There are obviously, non-hostile monsters that came back, after seeing you. Didn’t you know that, they have been blocking monsters, that tried to intrude?」

I didn’t even imagine that such a thing was happening.

「Actually, why do you know so much about this Hesty?」
「n well…usually they come, while you’re asleep. I’m awake then. The monsters that are allied, with you, know that it’s dangerous when, you sleep, so they try to stop the others with all, their might.」

Certainly I have an automatic system for repelling intruders in place for when I sleep, but I had no idea I had such helpers.

「…….well, there are others like the, wild boar that are still hostile to you.」
「Well, I think those guys are the type that charge in after seeing the red of the apples though.」

But still, before I realized it I had some monsters on my side. I’m grateful that my defenses became easier to maintain…

「Aneue-sama, Anne is so sad that you left without saying anything~」
「A different type of intruder arrived.」
「n, I guess so…….you can’t stop this, one…..uguuuu…」

Anne crushed Hesty in her hug. However, she wasn’t the only visitor…

「Haa……haaa…….s-sorry Daichi-san. I tried to stop her.」
「Yeah, don’t worry about it Manaril. It’s the usual.」

Manaril had come as well. As they arrived…

「Master~ Dinner is ready~」

Sakura apparently finished making dinner.
Sakura carried the dishes one after the other to the garden table.

「Oh, it looks delicious as always Sakura, thank you.」
「No no, today we exercised plenty after all. Go ahead and eat all you want. Everyone dig in.」
「Thank you very much Sakura-sama!」
「Thank you for letting me partake Sakura-san.」

And so the Dragon Kings sat down as well.
More than half of the people at the table were Dragon Kings, but it was pretty normal so it wasn’t a big deal.

「Ok then, let’s eat while we decide when we’re going to the Fort City.」

And so we ate and made plans for the future.



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