Chapter 175: A Bath after Exercising


The result of speaking with the Dragon Kings during dinner,

「Ok then, so the plan is to head to the lake within a few days…is that alright?」
「No objections~」

For right now we have a rough plan that it’ll take place within this month.

It was a little too rough to really call them plans but,

………..we didn’t know how long it would take to get permission.

I didn’t really have anything to do this week, but there wasn’t any need to rush it. I can simply wait. With the decision made, we ended our impromptu dinner party.

My garden had become calm and quiet…

「Ahh, it’s pretty cool this evening…the onsen would feel good.」

And so I headed over to my hot springs.

「It really is great.」
「n, paradise……」

Sakura and Hesty were relaxing and enjoying at my sides. They were relaxed just like me…or even more so.

After exercising my body fully, it almost made the pleasure of lying in a big bathtub twice as good.

I simply relaxed against the edge of the tub without any strength.


The spirits were also enjoying themselves in the bucket onsen I’d made for them.

…….since it was a small section they wouldn’t get drunk even if they went in.

Since they knew that, the spirits would go and enjoy themselves in the bucket bath. That aside, most of the things living here had gathered at this location.

There were even golems with water and juice inside them on standby. It was paradise.

「In fact, this is a little too much of a paradise. I feel like I’ll get fat.」
「Fufu, it’s quite fun to see Master’s constitution improve, but you’re burning quite a lot of calories so it’s fine.」

Sakura said with a laugh.
But I couldn’t understand what she was talking about.

「Hm? Burning calories…you mean through exercise?」
「That too, but when you use magic it takes quite a bit of energy right? That is squeezing power out of your entire body. That’s why by using magic regularly it is basically a type of exercise.」
「Eh? Magic uses calories too?」

I had no idea about this common sense so it felt fresh.
Each day I was improving and adjusting my golems and using magic for it…so that turned into my exercise?

「n, that’s not, all. When your body, takes in magic from the, surroundings, and it circulates, that takes, energy too.」
「So it’s like metabolism…」

I understand now. That’s why my figure hasn’t worsened and instead gotten better even though I’m just living normally. My calories were getting used up.

The swimsuit I wore today was bought several years ago and it still fit. Plus I was able to swim easily and freely.

「Being able to skip exercise is another cool thing about magic huh?」
「…..umm, making golems, covering your body in it, and running around and jumping would usually make someone exhausted ok?」
「Well, it’s not that great since I’m not really doing the moving.」

Most of the movement was from the wood’s support.

「……..n, I guess, it might be something like that, for you…」

Hesty said while looking off into the distance. I just told the truth so why does she need to cope like this? Well, it was pretty normal so I won’t mind it.

「——tte, talking about support reminded me…」

It was something I’d forgotten.

「n? What?」
「I was trying to think up and test some new functions for the onsen…do you think I could try some with you?」

I wasn’t the only one who used the onsen so I wanted as many test cases as I could get. That’s why I asked but…

「Ah, yes. As long as Master wants it I can test anything you want.」
「I’m fine…too.」

I received a positive answer from both of them.
With this my work pace should increase. However,

「Well……for now I just want to relax so we’ll do it tomorrow.」
「n, roger」
「That’s right. Right now…we should just relax and enjoy.」

And so, the three of us washed away the day’s fatigue.



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