Chapter 176: Bathroom Spirit


The next day I was in front of the onsen with the four spirits.

「Ok then, let’s give it a try」

The four spirits joyously moved around and around the onsen.

「It looks like some kind of suspicious ritual…」
「n, well, they’re excited.」

They were all for helping me out with this apparently.

「Ok then, let’s do it.」
「Ok, I’ll help.」

And so me and Hesty began to make several different bath tubs.

This time we weren’t using dragon scales, but regular wood. It was much more abundant and easy to use. I could dismantle it or remake it easily.

「Alright it’s filled with hot water. Now water and wind spirit start putting in some power.」

They followed my orders and began to insert their power into the bathtub walls.
Soon the spirits’ powers were manifested in the water.


Inside the bathtub there were water currents and bubbles. The bubbles road the currents and floated to the surface.

「n? It’s bubbling, and foaming a lot, is it fine?」
「Yeah, this foam is good.」

I put my hand inside and the bubbles felt great. I could definitely tell that it’d feel wonderful to submerge myself in them.

…….I wanted to see if I could make something like a Jacuzzi and it turns out I could.

The spirits were energetically using their powers.
It looked almost like this was a game for them and didn’t seem burdensome. This was great for me. I can give a single order and enjoy a bath like this.

「Okay, Hesty. Give this a try. It’s fine if you just do your hands or feet.」
「G-got it.」

Hesty looked like she didn’t know what a jacuzzi was so she was a bit confused as she stuck her foot into the bubbling bath.
Then, after feeling it out for several seconds…

「n…….it tickles. But, this might be, nice too.」

Her cheeks loosened so it looked like this was a positive review.
Then we can use this.

「Ok then, next. Earth and Fire spirits…I’ll leave it to you.」

The Earth spirit made some flat stones and lined them up on the ground. Next the Fire spirit lightly used its power.

The stones were heated.

If you placed your hands above them you’d feel heat rising from them.

「This temperature should be fine. All that’s left is a wooden sheet that’s easy to lie on.」

That’s it for the bedrock for the bath.
I lay down on it and felt a comfortable warmth from it.

It wasn’t too hot nor too cold.
It was a great balance.

「Un, this should be good. Hesty how about it?」
「n, it’s warm……but, is this, a bath?」
「I suppose it’s a kind of bath.」

I didn’t know too much about it, but it warmed you and made you sweat…so it was probably a type of bath.

Right now it was an open air bath. However, later I was thinking of making a cabin around it so it could be used year round.

…….I honestly wanted to make something like a mud bath too…..

I was thinking of using the Earth Spirit’s power, but I feel like maintaining the mud bath would be troublesome. I should rethink it.
As a result I made a stone sauna instead. This would definitely be easier to maintain. Plus it was user-friendly.

「Now that I see what mixing in the spirits’ power does…it opens up some avenues. This is pretty fun.」
「n, well, I suppose. I do think that this is a bit strange to be using the four spirits for this though.」

Hesty said while using the stone sauna as a seat.
Even if you say that, the only spirits I know are the 4 elemental spirits and Sakura so it can’t be helped.

If I knew other spirits then I could ask them to lend me their power. But I don’t. Besides, the Four Elemental Spirits look like they’re having fun.

「n……I think the only one, who would make, a bath with the four spirits, is you. I’ll have to experience it, fully.」

Hesty said and stretched out on the stone sauna.
It seems like she likes it a lot.

And so, with the Four Element Spirits’ help I was able to add two functions to my bathing area.



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