Chapter 177.5: —Side Dianeia—Blank Schedule



Dianeia was handing documents over to the Knight Captain.

「Knight Captain, I’ll leave this to you.」

The Knight Captain looked at the papers and looked amazed.

「This is the plan for the area near the Fort City? Is this alright?」
「Yes, I’ll leave it to you.」

Though it was a private beach they would have to schedule a time for its use, the extent of it, and the budget assigned to it or there would be disorder. For that reason she had blocked out two weeks.

………..there shouldn’t be anyone else using it except for the group.

With that thought in mind she drew up these plans.

「I think this should be alright, but what do you think?」
「Yes…..I don’t think there’s an issue. But you’re reserving such a great and large area…to think that you’re taking almost all of ti.」
「We need to take care. Daichi-dono is going there. If we don’t go this far it’d be an embarrassment.」

Usually it wouldn’t be ‘the bigger the better’, but Daichi was coming with. It was better to have more space for several reasons.

「I see…..time-wise it should be enough for the Knights training as well.」
「Oh, come to think of it it was time for the knights to do that again.」
「This time we may be able to combine guarding and training together if we escort you.」
「Roger that.」

The area where the Knights hold their training camps was quite close to the private beach so there shouldn’t be an issue with it.

「In all honesty just staying near Daichi-dono for extended periods is training enough…’s about time for the young Knights to work on their courage.」
「That’s good to know. Hopefully they grow well.」

Dianeia nodded and looked at her hands. She needed to continue growing as well.

「…….this trip is a pleasure trip for them. I need to make sure I don’t make it weird by getting too fired up.」
「Yes. We need to be careful about not messing things up. We can’t cause Daichi-dono trouble by being too obsessed with training.」
「Umu, as long as you’re aware of that it should be fine.」

Dianeia said and took out another sheet of paper.

On it she had her schedule.

「…….un, it looks like I should be able to finish working before heading out.」
「You work too much Princess. You haven’t taken a proper break since the week before.」
「Hm? Really?」

Recently she had been training her body and magic. Due to that she had become stronger with more endurance. She was at the point where she only got dizzy after working non-stop for 3 days with no rest.

「In all honesty I do not believe that Princess needs to train any more than this. You are already so strong and tough as a human that it’s not even funny you know?」
「Fumu, really?」

As for almost not needing to sleep……she didn’t think that was really strength.

「You have enough stamina that us Knights were near the point of passing out trying to keep up with you.」

It was true that she remembered something like that happening during those three days and nights. In the end the only person left besides her was the Knight Captain.

「Well that’s natural for someone who stands above. There’s no need to worry about it.—Furthermore I’ll be resting as much as I please in a while.」

Dianeia said as she looked at her schedule. After a few days her schedule would be completely open for an entire week.

「…… long as there’s no pressing trouble I’ll be able to rest completely. I just need to be a bit obstinate until then.」
「I think you could take some time off every now and then and not just then…….but I’m glad you’re taking a break.」

The Knight Captain said after looking at her schedule and sighing.

「Be that as it may, we Knights will do our best to fill in for you. Princess please enjoy your vacation as much as you please.」
「Yes, I’ll take it easy after so long. For that purpose……I need to work a little more.」
「Haha….Roger that Princess.」

And so the night wore on.



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