Chapter 177: Portable War Potential (Equipment)


We had finished adding new functions to the onsen so I was doing some work in the garden when Sakura came out wearing an apron.

「Master~ Lunch is ready——oh you’re still in the middle of working?」
「Well…I’m at a good stopping point so it’s fine.」
「This is a chair?」

As Sakura said I was making a chair near the onsen. It was made of wood and was quite large.

I made it so that I would have a place to relax after taking a bath.

「It’s not a regular chair, I made it so I can completely relax in it.」

I sat down in it.

I had adjusted the properties of the wood so that it would act like a cushion. I could feel a pleasant resistance and softness on my backside.

……..It didn’t feel irregular at all, it was a good chair.

I thought this and moved my back forward and backwards. Then the back of the chair reclined all the way back.

「Ah, it was a reclining chair?」
「I was thinking of wanting a chair I could sleep in.」

I wouldn’t make it just to use after a bath. There were more people coming to the garden on a regular basis after all.

I was thinking that it would be best to make more chairs so they could sit.

「Is that so?…is this made of golem materials?」
「Oh, as I thought you realized it. This chair itself is a golem.」

I wanted to make a normal chair at first, but the reclining chair’s balance was surprisingly hard to get right.

I wouldn’t be able to control how much it would recline and I didn’t have the appropriate knowledge either.

For that reason I had to make sure that my body would be safe sleeping in it by making it into a golem. I used the techniques that I used in making the wood armor.

「I didn’t know how to make delicate functions after all. It’s helpful that I can make it like this.」
「I see. Certainly if it’s a golem then it can automatically adjust itself.」

Once I stood up from it I could order it to become a regular wood golem and the opposite was true as well. It was much better than a normal chair. Furthermore, if someone really heavy leaned back it wouldn’t fall over.

「As expected of Master. You thought of a new way to use golems.」
「n, I think so, too. I couldn’t understand, when you talked about, sitting on golems, but it became like, this.」

Hesty said sitting on her own trial product. In fact she was completely lazing around on it.

From her head to her feet she was laying there in complete luxury.

「How does that one feel?」
「n, it’s great, for sleeping.」

The recliner that Hesty sat on was more like a bed.

It was big enough that even I could lie down on it. However, since it was a golem it was easy to store.

「Thinking of it, like that, makes it very, convenient. Once it turns back, to golem form it can, move itself too.」

It was a golem so if I wanted, it could move itself. There was no need to carry it so you could set it up anywhere you wanted.

「n, your thoughts are, really flexible. Moving furniture, is very convenient.」
「Well yeah. But, it’s less like I’m flexible and more like I’m lazy.」

It was from those thoughts that this idea originated.

…….but hmm…

I just thought of something.
If these golems can move then…

「We can take these on our trip.」
「Ah, that’s true.」

We didn’t know what facilities there would be by the lake, but by bringing the golems along we could create our own.

In that case we could bring our own equipment.

「Ok then, I wonder what trial products we should bring with?」

Not only chairs but tables and various things that could transform.

If a single golem could be made into several things, the trip would become easier.

「Ohh, that sounds nice. I’ll help too Master.」
「Ou, I’m glad for it. —but first, I’ll fill my stomach.」

Making things like this got me hungry. First I should eat.

「Fufu, got it. The food is ready. Hesty-chan come and eat too.」
「n, thank you.」

And so I ate lunch and prepared golem equipment for the trip.



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