Chapter 178: New Product Launch


The sun rose in the sky drying the dew upon the grass.
I had finished my breakfast and stepped out of the house. I took a look at the new products I had made last night.

「Ok, come line up~」

I called out and the golems all walked over. The ones I had completed were the chair golem, water bed golem, and three water golem chairs.

They looked like normal golems but…


With that one word the golems became chairs and a bed. They displayed the form I had set for them. It was easy and natural and they barely made any sound.

Visually, I thought it looked pretty cool. When I needed them to change back…


I said and they turned back to normal golems. With only two words they could be cleaned up and transported. I thought they were extremely useful and allowed myself to feel a bit of pride for thinking of it when…

「…….somehow, I feel like I’ve seen, something outrageous.」

Hesty said after seeing them. She seemed to be half surprised and half philosophical. (accepting things as they come)

「In what way?」
「n, well, they seem like they’d cause trouble in, various ways.」
「Really? I emphasized mobility so they’re quite thin.」

Usually I made bulky golems. However, as expected you’d want things like chairs to be light and easy to carry.

With that in mind, the golems were quite thin.

「n~, I guess…so……..they’re really comfortable, and relaxing, so I guess I can’t, say much……」

Hesty said as she threw herself down on the water bed.
She jiggled up and down on it so you could clearly tell it had great elasticity.

「Yeah, that water bed feels really nice doesn’t it? I made the wood covering really well so you can feel the coolness from it. I think it turned out quite well.」

The texture turned out well too.
What’s more is that it moderately cooled your entire body and softly held you.

「n, also the fact, that if you get too cold, the golem will change the water temperature. It’s nice. I was a bit surprised, but since it didn’t, feel hostile I was, at ease.」

That’s right, the good point of golem furniture was that it could take their user’s health and body condition into consideration.
Well, I was the one who put this system and setting into place but…

….having an item that matches your body is great.

If you sit in a chair or lie in a bed that doesn’t feel good and doesn’t fit you would only exacerbate your exhaustion.

For that reason the golems were abnormally useful.

As I was thinking that…

「n? What, is that? It wasn’t here, yesterday.」

Finally Hesty noticed the thing near me. It was in a chair shape, but there were two arms attached to its back.

「Oh, I made this one early in the morning, I tried to make a massage chair golem.」
「Massage chair…..? It rubs, your shoulders?」
「Yeah, these two hands do it. However……..the golem’s power is hard to adjust so, it’s still incomplete. —well let me show you a demonstration.」

I sat down to demonstrate to Hesty.

The moment I sat down the golem’s hands moved around to my shoulders and began to massage them. It was soft.

This would be fine on its own but…

「…….it seems probable, that the golem could do it much too hard.」
「Yeah, that’s the thing.」

It was possible to change the amount of power. Right now she could see its power was at its weakest.

Thinking about the user and the golem I should improve it before putting it into use.
Hesty watched from the side and knit her eyebrows.

「Somehow, it looks like a vise being use to pick up cooked beans. that’s the level of control……’s pretty amazing.」
「Yeah, I suppose…but this is all it’s capable of.」

Even if it continued massaging so softly it would inversely make your shoulders stiffer. It was a test product to the very end.

…….for now I had three types of new golems.

With this number I could say that I had done a good job. Also,

「I’ve still got more time. Next I wanna try and improve it using magic stones~」
「n, got it.」

I still had more time to work on them. I’ll enjoy it slowly.



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