Chapter 179: Ripening Plans


As I was cleaning up the golems I’d made Dianeia arrived via teleportation.

「Daichi-dono I’ve come to report about the beach schedule and——…..wh-what are these troops for…..?」
「Oh it’s you Dianeia?」

It looked like she was shrinking away after seeing the golems.

「A-are you making soldiers again Daichi-dono?」
「Well, they’re not soldiers. These are portable furniture for when I go far away.」
「F-furniture? I-is that so….?」

Dianeia said as she timidly nodded and approached once more.
She’d always been surprised by the golems, but she’d gotten used to them recently so maybe that’s why she was quick to adjust.

「W-well yeah. I guess so. It’s nice to have personal furniture.」

I felt like her eyes were unfocused but…

「Hey, are you ok?」
「Y-yeah! I-I’m fine!」

I guess we’ll be able to converse like this. It should be alright.

「Ok then, you said you got permission for the beach? Thanks for that.」
「O-ohh, don’t mind it. I wanted to go as well so… this is the schedule I got this time, please make your plans accordingly.」

Dianeia stated and handed me a piece of paper.
The number of days the private beach was available was written there but…

「Eh?…two weeks? Is such a long time really ok?」

It was quite a bit of time.

「I don’t think we’ll be using it for that long though.」

I had planned to only stay there for 2 or 3 days.
I was thinking but Dianeia nodded her head.

「Don’t worry. Use it as you want. We’re considerably indebted to you. Please let us do this much at least. Ah, this won’t cause problems with the normal customers so don’t worry about that either.」
「I see~. Well, okay. I’ll use it freely then.」

They’d allowed us to use their private beach after all.

I also wanted to explore the place a bit. It’d be perfect to head back once I got tired of it.

Be that as it may, we now had more specific plans as I placed the paper in my pocket.

「U-umm, Daichi-dono. I just wanted to ask something……what color do you like?」

Dianeia asked as if mumbling.

「Color? You mean like white or red?」
「Y-yeah. That’s right. I was wondering if there was a color you liked…」
「Well……not one that really stands out.」

I never really fussed over things like colors.

「Actually, why are you asking?」
「W-well, umm, It was just a personal interest. Like, if you hated black or orange or something….?」
「That’s a pretty weird interest…….but I can say that I don’t have much of a preference.」

I said and Dianeia’s face brightened up.

「Oh, oh good……..thank you!」
「Hm? Why?」
「Well, you answered my personal curiosity and helped me decide various things. What kind of lake would you like to swim in?」
「Well, one without really high waves.」

I’d only seen the lake on the map and it looked quite huge. For that reason I expected there would be some waves.

If they were too big it’d make swimming difficult.

……’d definitely feel different from the Katarakta’s lake on the plains.

Whether or not I swam would depend on the conditions.

「But still, since I’ll be on the beach I’ll have my swimsuit on. I’ll swim if I want then.」
「I-I see. Un, got it! I got it!」

Dianeia said with a huge smile.

「You seem like you’ve been having a great time since a while ago…?」
「I heard from Athena about the lake and I was jealous. I wanted to go swimming with you too.」
「Oh, was that so? Then if the waves are alright I’ll probably go swimming with you.」
「Ah-ahh, I’ll be in your care!」

Her already happy face became even more joyful.
Then after we talked for a while Dianeia happily left.
It looks like it’ll be a fun trip.



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