Chapter 18: The Wolf People’s Loyalty


The next day I cautioned the Wolf People.

In front of the garden.
There were, just like always, the (groceries) that the wolf people usually left there.

「……Sorry to keep you waiting our King.」
「K-king-sama hello.」

Today they didn’t just leave groceries.
There were two wolf people, a man and a woman, kneeling there.

Before long I remember one of them.

「U-ummm…..Garou right?」
「Wha? I’m the Wolf People Chief Garou Garyuu! I’m honored that you remember me!」

Well, it’s fine. You don’t have to be so humble.
You don’t have to bow to the ground, raise your head and just talk to me. It’s hard to hear what you’re saying.

「Understood my King!」

Then the wolf people raised their heads.
Actually, who is this girl?
She has dog ears and a tail all stiff and nervous, she seems altogether soft and fluffy, I don’t remember seeing a girl as cute as her.

「Oh, this is my little sister Lily Garyuu.」
「I am Li-Lily desu, King-sama. Please treat me well.」
「Oh, nice to meet you. And, what are you doing here today?」

When he heard me, Garou’s face became frightfully serious. Then he solemnly opened his mouth.

「—-a few days ago, our behavior caused you displeasure. Therefore, we shall offer Lily to you as a sacrifice, and we hope that you will please allow it and grant us your forgiveness.」
「Though this girl may be my little sister, her internal organs are filled with fresh and rich magic power, I do believe she will be to your tastes my King!!」
「Ye-yes……Please by all means eat me. This life…I will offer my life to King-sama」

WAIT WAIT WAIT! We’re missing some steps here! Seriously! What do you mean by EAT?!
The way the conversation is flowing it seems like you expect me to literally EAT her you know!?

「Well, when a predator eats something filled with rich magic their own magic power is enhanced by doing so. Lily is unique in power among the wolf people, as such if she were to be eaten then it would increase your power.」

Huh, there was such a thing?

「Therefore, Please, feel free to eat up!」
「Please feel free to eat…….」

I let out a tsukkomi in a shout and magic manifested.


The wolf people in front of me got blown away.
Aw man, it’s been a while since I shouted so I couldn’t regulate the power. It’s a pain that I can’t even do one tsukkomi casually.

「My-my King……please abate your anger…..」

Garou is shaking and Lily is crying.
This is a terrible situation. But, I can’t stop talking just yet.

「Oi, Garou. You’re making a big misunderstanding. I’m not really angry. I was certainly displeased, but I only said that I’d like that showy worshipping to stop.」

Hearing that, Garou’s voice and body shook.

「Are you saying, that you’ve forgiven us? We attacked you before.」
「Whatever, forgiving or not forgiving, in my mind it was already over.」

I was only angry when they first attacked me.
That time I beat them up, then they came and apologized, and that was the end of it for me.

In my mind it had already been settled.

「W-we have surrendered to you; you know? My King you know that you can use us like tools, order us to do anything, and we won’t complain? Even so you’re forgiving us?」

What kind of long story is this wolf person saying?
All I wanted to say were two things.

「Don’t cause me trouble. And don’t attack anyone randomly. That’s all I ordered you guys to do.」

Then just the other day I found the worship troublesome.
That’s why I cautioned them. That was all there was to it.

「That’s why as long as you follow my advice, I won’t say anything else. There isn’t anything more to it. Understand?」

I said, and slowly and silently Garou bowed.
And just like that he pressed his forehead to the ground,

「…….for your generosity and consideration I am deeply grateful. As I thought you are the most suitable to be Our King.」
「Th-thank you very much!」

Lily also kneeled down and bowed while teary and tattered.

How scared were you? I thought that I admonished them tenderly though?
Though she may be a wolf person, making a cute girl cry makes my heart hurt.

「…..well that’s the situation. From now on let’s get along. You guys bringing me groceries and such is a big help. It’s to the extent that I want to pay you for the service.」
「Th-that’s out of the question! That is a symbol of our thankfulness to you, our King, who accepted our surrender. At the very least while our descendants still live we will continue to do so!」
「O-ok. Thanks.」

It seemed like it’d get complicated if I kept talking about it, so I gave up.
There’s no downside to receiving it. Yep.

「Well, our business is done. You two you can go now.」
「Thank you very much King-sama!」

Then the brother and sister left as they shed tears of gratitude.

Somehow that wore me out.
It’s like the feeling you get after you play with an incredibly hyperactive dog.

Let’s eat and sleep some more today.
Yeah let’s do that.



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