Chapter 180: Temporary Freeloader


We’d decided that we would set off for the lake the day after tomorrow.

We weren’t in any hurry so we wanted to take the next day to prepare and then set off comfortably the day after.
That was the schedule.

「n, then I’ll tell, Manaril. If I tell her, then she’ll let the other Dragon Kings, know.」

Hesty said and went to spread the news.

It seems she would use the Dragon King telepathy to communicate with Manaril. It was a good thing she lived nearby.

With this telling the others wouldn’t be a problem.

With these thoughts Hesty and I returned to our garden work when,

「Daichi-san, Hesty. Hello~ there~」

Ramiyuros walked in from the forest. How should I say it…it felt like it had been a while but,

「Hey, what’s up?」
「Umm well…Manaril told me a while ago that Daichi-san and everyone are going on a trip.」
「Yeah. Are you coming too Ramiyuros?」
「Un, I plan to. It’s just——-I’d be really sad if I didn’t get up on time on the day of the trip and end up not going.」

She said and Hesty frowned.

「…..if it’s Ramiyuros, it’s possible. There was a time, when she forgot to get up, and slept for nearly two months.」
「T-that’s mean~. Even though I was trying not to bring that up~?」

Ramiyuros whined with teary eyes, but I could definitely see this carefree Dragon King having the tendency to oversleep.

「But, if you run over, then you could make it.」
「W-well, I guess but….I definitely want to go with everyone. That’s why——-I came to ask you both if I could stay with Hesty till we leave.」
「I see」

Indeed, if she stayed with Hesty then she wouldn’t forget to wake up. Hesty was diligent. She wasn’t the type to be late.

………well, there were times when Hesty was careless though….

There were times when she didn’t sleep and just zoned out. However, it was more reassuring than Ramiyuros by herself.

She was reliable in various ways.

「H-how about it Daichi-san?」
「I don’t really mind but, shouldn’t you be asking Hesty? The place you’ll be staying is her cabin after all.」

I said and looked at Hesty as she nodded.

「n, if you say so, then I’m fine too.」
「But, you can’t, cause trouble. You can’t turn, into a dragon here. If you rampage half-asleep, I’ll beat you up ok?」
「U-un, I got it.—but thank you Hesty and Daichi-san.」

Ramiyuros said with a happy smile.

「Ah, also…I can pay the rent to stay with some of my scales.」
「Eh, you mean those giant scales?」

I had pretty much used them up making my onsen.
Since then I hadn’t gotten any more, they were quite good materials.

「Un, that’s right. They’re big so I left them elsewhere, but I can bring them over.」
「Well, though I’m grateful…is it alright to just hand them out?」

If it was hard for them then I would feel troubled just accepting.

「Un, recently I’ve started to grow new scales to replace the old. I can give you the ones that come off…….honestly I didn’t have a place to discard them. The only ones I know who can manufacture them are Hesty and Daichi-san.」

Within the cities there should be blacksmiths. I thought they would be able to handle them.

「n, it’s quite difficult. They are, both hard, and large.」
「That’s right~. When it’s time to grow new scales I have to leave town to find someplace to dispose of them, living in town is a hassle~. But this time Daichi-san and Hesty can use them so I’m happy. So please take them all Daichi-san!」

Fumu fumu, alright, if she’s giving then I’ll take them.
One way or another they were good materials without a doubt.

……the materials that Ramiyuros brought had a good feeling to them.

There were quite a few uses for them. I might even take the time to make furniture out of them before the trip.

After all, the timing was great.

「Ok then, best regards for a bit Ramiyuros.」
「Un, I’ll be in your care Daichi-san Hesty!」

And so, my home gained another guest.



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