Chapter 181: For a Change


As we guided Ramiyuros to Hesty’s cabin…

「By the way, did you bring, your luggage for the, trip Ramiyuros? Like a, swimsuit?」

Hesty asked. It made me wonder since Ramiyuros hadn’t brought anything. She wasn’t carrying a bag or anything so I wonder if she forgot her things in town.

As I thought that…

「Eh? Luggage? Swimsuit? What’re those?」

Things went in an unexpected direction.

「…..leaving aside, a change of clothes, how do you plan on, swimming in the lake?」
「Eh? Obviously nude?」

And in a certain way, she gave an expected response.

「Oi, even if it’s a private beach you can’t be going naked.」

As expected this was a line that shouldn’t be crossed.

「n, I think so too.—if we don’t go shopping, it might be bad.—But I’m not really, knowledgeable about, fashion……..」

Hesty’s looked to be at a loss but I wasn’t much better in my fashion sense.

「I don’t really know anything about the clothing in town.」

I had plenty of clothes in my drawers and closet so I just needed to mix and match them.

My clothes weren’t badly worn so I had no need to make any additional purchases since I got here. In the first place, I didn’t even know Ramiyuros’s size.

「What should we, do? Should we go into, town and get, some?」
「Yeah, I think that’d be best.」
「n, got it. It’s just that, I don’t know much about, fashion so, I’m a little uneasy……」

As I was about to tell her to try nonetheless…


I don’t even know where she came from, but Anne ran over with great vigor, smiling as she latched onto Hesty.

The moment Anne appeared Hesty understood what was about to happen and….


She simply stood there looking like a dead fish without resisting. It seems she’d grown numb to it and given up.

「Daichi-sama it’s been a while~」
「Uh, yeah. It’s been a little while.」
「Yes. And so Aneue-sama…I’m honored that you called this trendy Dragon King~」
「…….I didn’t call you, but this time, it’s whatever. Anyways, did you hear what we, were talking about?」
「Yes, it was about a swimsuit right?」

It seems she was listening. Anne hugged Hesty as she placed her bag down on the ground.

「This is the perfect opportunity. I’ve brought several swimsuits today!」

She said and took out many different swimsuits. Their colors and shapes were all mixed up, but there were quite a few.

「Umm, what’s up with this?」
「Well, I thought that since we were going to a resort we should have some new things. I made Aneue-sama’s clothing and swimsuit myself in the past after all!」
「Ohh? Is that so?」

I was kind of surprised.
I had known that item creation was her specialty but it looks like she was good with needlework as well.

「I have enough for Aneue-sama, Ramiyuros-sama, and everyone. If you lose something over there, or if you need to change, or anything else! I made plenty.」

Anne divided up the sizes of the many swimsuits.

「This is Aneue-sama’s portion~ I think this one would look good~ Could you check the size~?」
「…….I’m fine with my old one. Also, get off, of me.」

Hesty escaped from Anne’s hug and unsteadily made her way to my side.

「……for now, it looks, like we’ll be fine.」
「Ou, good job.」

It seems like in exchange for some of Hesty’s spirit we’d secured Ramiyuros’s swimsuit. I should give Hesty something delicious, I was thinking when…..

「Daichi-sama go ahead as well. I prepared these for you. It’d be nice if you could check the size.」

Anne said as she held out a nicely sewn pair of swim trunks.

「Oh, thank you.」

I didn’t know what it was made from but it was comfortable to the touch. I barely had any swimsuits so I was grateful for this.

「I’ll pay you later.」
「Ah, no no. There’s no need to do so. Being able to go along on Daichi-sama’s and Aneue-sama’s trip is more than enough…….haa…haa………」

Anne said as she began to drool in excitement.
Un, I could understand why Hesty was hiding behind me and shivering.

「Well, umm….then I’ll accept it.」
「Yes. Also I have made yours using special materials since you have such powerful magic powers. They won’t tear open even if you use your magic. So go ahead and use your powers as you please!」
「…….wait. If I use my magic while wearing my swimsuit it can fly off of me?」
「For thin clothing there is a possibility of them bursting or tearing off. However, with my special make there is no danger of that.」

I see, I had no idea that clothing could get destroyed by magic like that. I learned something new today.

And so, I received a new swimsuit with gratitude.



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