Chapter 182.5: —Side Prussia— Princesses’ Preparations


Dianeia was in the office packing her things into a large bag.

「Onee-sama what are you doing?」
「Well, I’m doing this instead of taking a break. Remember Karen said that 『Daichi-dono is going on a trip』? I’m packing for that.」

Inside the bag was a portable staff, clothes, and foodstuffs. Dianeia was thinking to carry all this with her on the trip.

「Eh, packing?…..Is there anything you need to bring? The manager over there said that clothes and food would be prepared.」
「Yeah, I checked and that’s true.」

As Athena said the place already prepared such things. Dianeia had teleported there and checked before leaving some instructions.

「I’ve already prepared the lodging area, had it cleaned, and had them prepare enough supplies for a month.」
「Uwaa, that was your job Onee-sama? As I thought Onee-sama does things really well……but why are you packing your luggage then?」

Certainly the place had plenty of things prepared so there wasn’t really a need to bring them herself. However, she wanted to ‘just in case’.

「It’s insurance just to be sure. Besides bringing luggage won’t take any time.」

Movement-wise she could teleport it in an instant.

…….Daichi-dono might walk or move via magic, and either way was fine, but if they got there faster they’d have more time to play.

Once she went to Daichi’s house they’d immediately head out to the resort. Luggage shouldn’t be much of an issue.

「Either way it won’t be a problem. I’m planning on cooking a little something and bringing it on the day of.」
「Looks like you’re doing your best Onee-sama~」

She only wanted to prepare herself completely since this was the first long trip she’d be taking with Daichi.

…….in a sense you could call it fighting spirit.

She finally had a chance so she wanted to enjoy herself.
Furthermore, she wanted to get along with Daichi better.

Thinking that way she naturally became more enthusiastic.

「Fufu, maybe I’m just spinning my wheels.」

She said with a sarcastic laugh when Athena smiled and shook her head.

「Uh-uh, that’s not what I meant. Karen and I are the same. We’re excited to go out with Daichi-oniisan.」
「Is that so?」
「That’s right~ Karen’s not calm like she usually is. She’s been saying things like 『I need to prepare myself for that day!』 and shut herself in her room.」

Ah, she hadn’t seen Karen for the past few days. That’s what happened.

「That’s right~ So I was going to drag Karen out of her room pretty soon, so would you like to go out swimsuit shopping with us?」
「Un. I want to surprise Daichi-oniisan with my clothes too. Onee-sama has good sense. Karen also said she wanted a swimsuit.」

That was perfect.

She had been wanting a new one as well.

……she had some that Anne had made but…….

Other than that she wanted something individualistic.

「Ok, just wait a few minutes. I’ll finish today’s work.」
「Yay! Then I’ll go call Karen!」

A short while later.
As Dianeia said, she finished her work and left her office with light footsteps.

And so the Dragon King and Princesses had fun shopping.



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