Chapter 182: Looking Forward to Later Fun


I was drinking tea with Sakura on the first floor as I listened to the sounds of loud splashing from the onsen despite the fact that I was quite far away.

「Ah, it looks like they’re in the second half of choosing their swimsuits.」
「Why is there such a ruckus from choosing swimsuits?」

They couldn’t actually be fighting right?

「Probably it’s to test how it feels to wear and swim in.」
「….I have some objections to them swimming in the bathtub…but I guess it is pretty wide.」

I’d have to clean it anyways…later I’ll take my golems to clean it up.

「Actually Sakura…don’t you have to go choose your swimsuit too? You were with them for a little while…」

I could just drink tea by myself while the womenfolk went off and chose their swimsuits. But Sakura returned early…

「Don’t you need more time to discuss and decide?」
「Well I made my decision quickly. I received the swimsuits and all that’s left is to show it to you Master.」
「To show me huh?」
「Yes, of course. If it was simply for swimming there wouldn’t be much of a need to select carefully.」

Fufu, Sakura laughed.

「Is that so?」
「Yes, Hesty-chan and Dianeia-san……in fact most women have thoughts like that. They’re going to have fun, but they need to care for their appearance.」

For me the most important factor was that the swimsuit was easy to move in. It was pretty far from my own considerations but…

「Certainly cute girls would be happy to wear cute swimsuits.」

I could understand that much.

「Yes, I’ll be choosing a cute swimsuit as well.」
「And you won’t be wearing it here?」

I didn’t know which swimsuit she chose though.

「That’s right. I chose it for the resort so I’d be happy if you first saw it there.」
「Well, I guess.」

Since she’d chosen it with a specific destination in mind it’d be best to see it there.

「Master have you chosen your swimsuit?」
「Well I chose a safe color and a proper size.」

I didn’t have much confidence in my fashion sense.
That’s why I chose some nice looking ones from amongst the ones Anne had brought.

I’d tried each of them on for a bit and they were easy to move in. In fact, they were even easier to move in than any swimsuit I’d worn before.

「Is that so? ……I want to see Master in your new swimsuit too.」
「Ok then, once we get there we’ll have some more things to look forward to.」
「Yes! I’m looking forward to it!」
「Yeah, me too.」

It wasn’t just the swimsuits, but the opportunity to have fun at this resort that was wonderful. As I was thinking that…


A sound echoed from the onsen.
Then after a few dozen seconds…

「Daichi-sama thank you for letting us use the onsen.」

They three Dragon Kings emerged from the changing rooms.

「We’ve successfully chosen~」

Ramiyuros and Anne said with a grin.
It looks like they’d chosen some good ones. However,


Hesty was being carried out as Anne hugged her. However, her eyes looked dead.

…….in fact they looked more shell-shocked than usual for this situation.

Her usual expressionless face had a certain defeated feeling to it. It was subtle but I’d known her for a while now.

Something must have happened inside. I don’t know what it was…but yeah.

…..I’ll leave it at that.

If she wants to talk about it, I’ll be there to talk. Furthermore, the second half had ended so now it was my turn to do some things.

「…..ok, break time is over. Time to clean I guess.」
「Yes, I’ll help you Master.」

Tonight I’ll clean the onsen.

After that I’ll make some more golem furniture.

……..there were only two days till we set off.



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