Chapter 184: Dragon Thread


I made tools for the trip one after another like the hug pillow golem. I drank my tea while working.

「You’re making, a lot of complex golems, and magic sensitive tools….」

Hesty said as she approached.

「I don’t really think it’s that much. I couldn’t even make ten even working since the morning.」
「n, even so, I think that’s more than enough. ——-are you, taking all of these?」
「Rather than bringing them, I’ll have them follow.」

The hug pillow golem, though small, could be ordered to follow us.

「Looks like it’ll be, an amazing, sight.」
「Well, I’ll come up with something so it doesn’t become too outlandish.」

As one would expect, though it’s a private beach I don’t know how much space there’ll be. If was to bring way too much luggage then it’d become cramped, or so I thought when…

「n? What’s…….this?」

Hesty was showing interest in a wooden pole lying next to the golems.

「Is this, a fishing, pole?」
「Yeah, we’re going to a lake and Manaril said there were fish right? That’s why I made it.」

It wasn’t like fishing was a hobby. However, when I was a kid I enjoyed it quite a bit. Not just going for a swim, it’d be nice to go fishing.

「Is that so? Certainly, there are a lot, of fish, there.」

Hesty nodded. I started to look forward to it a bit more now.

「……huh? But, this fishing rod, doesn’t have a line. What will you, use?」
「Yeah, I’m considering what to use for it.」

If I searched my home I’d probably be able to find a suitable string or two. Plus, if I went into town I’d probably be able to buy some. Either way it’d be troublesome.

「That’s why I was wondering if I could use this.」

I said as I took out a fragment of one of the scales that Ramiyuros had given me. However, this scale was pale and soft.

「That’s, an immature scale. It’s still, soft. How will you, use it?」
「Well, you remember when I was processing the scales before? When I made it thinner and lengthened it? I was wondering if I made it extremely thin if it would turn out like a string.」

Thinking that I firmly gripped the Dragon King Scale.
Then in my hand, the scale became softer and started stretching.

At the end of the soft scale string I had a wooden bobbin attached.

「Amazing….you really can do it…….」

Hesty said with amazement.

To be honest I did it more as an experiment than anything. For it to go this well was beyond my expectations. Since it was going this well I continued making this scale into string.

The scale fragment continued to stretch out into string.

It was for fishing so it shouldn’t be too thin, plus it wouldn’t function properly if it was too thin. So, I made sure to keep it reasonable.

「Ok, for now I’ve got a several meters worth.」

I wound up the bobbin and the considerable amount of string.

At the very least I would have enough to use for this trip I thought.

「How should, I say… always you do, absurd things……there aren’t many, who could make a Dragon’s, scale into, something like this.」

Hesty said as she touched the thread made of dragon scale with her mouth slightly open.

「Well, I’m just glad I had the material. I’ll have to thank Ramiyuros later.」

Thanks to her I was able to save the time and effort of finding or buying new thread.

Now that I had my pole and line I needed a hook.

However, this was even simpler.

「I’ll use some scale to make a fish hook…..and make a lure…….and…」

So I finished making them using scale alone.

After a few minutes…

I put together my own personal fishing rod.

Since the string was an experimental good I had made it thicker than normal. The fish may notice it and not take the bait.

Even still, I’d just have to adjust it and it’d be fine.

All that was left was to test it out.



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