Chapter 185: Perfect Angler Style


Since I made the fishing rod I thought I’d make some related tools as well.

Though I call them tools they were only a cooler box, small articles, and a box to place them in.

「n, umm, this, isn’t a box, it became a golem you know?」

In front of me was a small wood golem.

「Ah…..I was trying to make a normal tool though….」

Since I did it so much I ended up creating a golem by mistake.

I might have golem addiction.

「Well, yeah. However, this should have an insulation effect you know?」

Even the armor I made had fire and cold resistance.
It was to the degree of resisting Hesty’s flames.

Leveraging my experience with that I made this golem’s insides able to cool things.

It was a space that you could chill juice and alcohol in, obviously I could use it for fish as well.

「Well, I can see the function, just from looking…….but why did you, make this water, golem?」
「Oh, that’s a live-box for keeping live fish.」

I was thinking, that since it was a golem I could have a walking fish tank instead of needing to carry it.

It went surprisingly well.

My experience with making water golems was useful in this situation.

「n…..well, I guess. If you have, a place for the fish you caught, to swim, they’ll be fresh.」
「I’m glad you understand.」

However, I think that only making golems would be bad for me in a sense.

That’s why I touched a tree with the intention to make a normal tool.

「What are you, making this, time? Another, warrior?」
「I don’t remember making any warriors…but it is equipment.」

I partitioned the wood and made it into string.

I began to twine it around a nearby golem’s fist and started knitting something that looked like cylinder.

It looked strange, but unexpectedly it took shape quite quickly.

「….hm? you’re good, at knitting.」
「I’ve watched Sakura do it a lot. I can do something basic like this.」

I continued knitting around and around and finally the golem’s fist was completely covered as I stopped my hands.

All that was left was to take it off.

「Ok then……imitation straw hat complete.」

More accurately it should be called a wood hat.

Anyways, I was able to make a light hat I could wear.

The airflow seemed fine and it would be able to block the sun.

……..if I was going to be fishing under the blazing sun, as expected I would need something like this.

However, I seem to have done it a little too broadly and roughly, so it was a little misshapen.

「So you can, make things, like this too.」
「Well, it’s pretty rough…ah well it’s just to cover my head so it’s fine.」

When I placed the hat on my head Hesty stared.

「Hm? What’s wrong? Hat’s shouldn’t be that odd right?」
「n…..well, I was just, thinking that I kind of, like it.」

Ooh, Hesty wants something, how rare.

「Then, if you’re fine with the same thing, I can make another…you want one?」
I asked and Hesty calmly nodded.

「But, is that ok? It’s not, troublesome?」
「Yeah, I’m just practicing. It’s a practice product but would you like me to try and make it better?」

I asked, but Hesty shook her head.

「n~n, the one you, just made is, good.」
「I see. I’ll make another as practice so just wait there.」

The feeling of making the previous one was still fresh.

With this reproduction I was able to make the shape better and——

「Here, how about this?」

I was able to finish it much quicker than the last one.

I was able to improve on various parts so the brim of the hat ended up a bit larger…

「Is it a bit too big?」
「Uh-uh, it’s fine.」

Hesty took the hat and pressed it onto her head.

It looks like it’s a good fit.

「See? Perfect. Also…….thanks, I’ll treasure, it.」

Hesty said as she held the hat and smiled.

Looking from the side, I felt it was a little too big as expected…but she was happy so I’m glad.



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