Chapter 186: Relaxed Feeling Peculiar to the Room


It turned to evening as I finished my work in the garden and moved to indoor work.

I had been making string. Several types of it in fact.

It was in case the string snapped. I would be able to replace it quickly.

………however attaching the lure and hook would take some time.

That’s why I decided to make several of them.

I entered my home and messed around with the strings and hooks when…

「Master, may I help you out?」

Sakura sat next to me and offered some tea.

「Ok, then I’ll leave that thread to you.」

I accepted the tea and took a sip as I tied the string with Sakura.

「But still, Sakura is really good at working with thread.」

She was more skilled at tying the thread than I was.

It wasn’t that I was particularly skilled, it was just that Sakura was so much more skilled that it stood out.

「I’m happy to receive Master’s compliment….however, it’s just that I am used to knitting and sewing using thread, that’s all.」

Sakura said with a happy laugh.
Then as she smiled she continued tying the string without looking.

Watching her like this made me feel that she was amazingly used to it.

I followed her example and continued to tie them stiffly.

The setting sunlight streamed through the window and engulfed us making time seem to slow.

「It’s been a while since I sat inside and worked like this.」
「That’s right. Recently you’ve grabbed your things and went out into the garden to work.」
「Comfort-wise though, working is the best.」

There was good airflow inside and it was cool and comfortable.

If I was thirsty I could get a cold drink from the fridge and there wasn’t a need to walk around. It was so comfortable.

「We’ve fixed up the garden with various things and it’s pretty easy to spend time there, but even so I’m reminded that my house is the best. Furthermore, how nice it is that Sakura is here.」
「Fufu, I’m honored that you’d say so……..oh, I finished.」
「Oh really?」

As we were talking Sakura had finished tying up the threads.

She really was fast.

「All I had to do was attach some lures. The one who had it hard was Master who made all of them. Also there weren’t many left.」
「Well, I was doing it for quite some time beforehand.」

I was also pretty used to it.

「Then then….before you finish all of them Master, I’ll get dinner ready. Doing such minute work needs concentration so you must be hungry.」
「Ahh, I guess you’re right. I am pretty hungry.」

When you’re focused on detailed work like that you’d get hungry and not notice it.

Then, once you finished you’d suddenly be attacked by the feeling of your empty stomach.

「Ok, I’ll leave dinner to you.」
「Yes, please do.」

Sakura said as she stood. However, she seemed as though she recalled something and spoke up.

「Ah, that’s right Master. Since we’ll probably be having seafood often for the next few days, what do you think of having meat tonight?」

Certainly, tomorrow we would be going to the waterfront.

……though that doesn’t mean we couldn’t eat meat……..

Well, it’s also true that I hadn’t had meat at home for a while…

「Un, then I’m looking forward to it.」
「Yes! I’ll make it with all my skill!」

And so Sakura set off running to the kitchen.

I continued my work with the fishing gear.

And just like that, the evening before our departure slowly turned to night.



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