Chapter 187: Going Out Early in the Morning


I went to bed early last night so I ended up waking up early as well.

I had finished most of my preparations.

And there was quite some time till we were supposed to meet up.

「Ok then, let’s go out into the garden for a while Sakura.」
「Yes, got it Master.」

After eating breakfast Sakura and I grabbed our bags and leisurely went out into the garden. There….

「Good morning.」

Hesty was already there.

She had a small bag and the hat I had made for her yesterday.

It looks like she was all prepared.

「How are you feeling?」
「n, no problems……I’m fine…」

She said but near her was…….

「Kuu~ kuu~」

Ramiyuros snoring away while standing.

It looks like she was forced to follow Hesty out of the cabin while still asleep.

「How can she not wake up after being dragged out of there?」
「n, she’s the type that doesn’t, react to stimulus, much. She’ll wake up, eventually.」

Hesty said with eyes that had given up on Ramiyuros.

As expected of a long time acquaintance.

She knew how to deal with this sleepyhead Dragon King.

「With that, I’m all OK.」
「Ok good. Sakura, did we forget anything?」
「No, we have everything and the golems are moving properly.」

Looking back I saw the golems on standby.

Most of them were fairly small, but they were all convenient to use.

「Looks like there’s no issues.」

I confirmed the golems’ movements and maintenance. They were able to perform as intended. Then…

「Daichi-san, Sakura-san, Hesty~ Good Morning~」

Manaril appeared from the forest waving her hand.

「Hey Manaril. You’re pretty early for the meetup.」
「Yeah because I’m looking forward to it. I came early. I wanted to accommodate you as well. I can’t leave you waiting.」
「We’re not that strict about time so you can just be at ease ok?」

It’s not like we had a real schedule.

Besides for the day we leave and the number of days we have available, the rest of the schedule was free for us to choose.

「That’s…….true. Then I’ll just be at ease.」
「Yeah, we have the perfect Dragon King here as an example.」

I said as I shifted my gaze to Ramiyuros.

She was still drooling as she slept.

「Ahh………un. I-I won’t go that far, but I’ll take it easy.」

It seems like she gets the idea.

「How should I say….Ramiyuros really never changes.」
「n, we don’t change that much, either, but she really is constant……..」

The Dragon Kings’ understood each other.

Perhaps the treatment of Ramiyuros was fairly common, I thought as I stared at her when…


The next Dragon King arrived.

She ran in a straight line with incredible speed at Hesty and glomped onto her.

「I’ll be in your care from this day forward——!」
「I thought, she might at least, hold back on, the morning, of departure…….」

Hesty muttered with a hopeless face.

「And so Daichi-sama…..Good Morning! Please treat me well!」
「Yeah, best regards.」

I could say it was just as usual, the Dragon Kings gathered. Then…

「Ah, Dianeia-san’s presence has appeared near the forest. Everyone will be gathered soon.」
「Oh, I see. Thanks Sakura.」

It seems like Dianeia and the rest would arrive soon.

There was plenty of time till the meeting hour, but everyone was early.

…..well it would increase the time we would be able to play.

And with that feeling we approached our departure time.



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