Chapter 188: Several Second Moving Time


After waiting for a short time with the Dragon Kings, Dianeia arrived.

「Good morning Daichi-dono. I’ll be in your care.」
「Me as well…….tte, you’re alone Dianeia?」

I definitely thought she’d come with Athena and Karen, but it was only her.

「Umu, Athena and Karen left before saying they had several preparations to make. It’s only me.」
「I see. Then I guess we’ll meet up over there.」

In that case, I don’t need to worry.

I’d feel bad if some business kept them from coming with even though they were looking forward to it.

「Well, it’s good that there doesn’t seem to be a problem. —So, are you prepared Dianeia?」
「Yeah, my body and mind are perfectly prepared! I’m ready for it anytime…..!」

Dianeia said while blushing.

It looked like she was looking forward to this trip in her own way.

That’s nice.

「Un, ok then I’ll leave the transport to you.」
「Yeah, leave it to me! ——Umm, everyone’s here….but what are we doing with Ramiyuros? She’s still asleep.」

Dianeia said as her gaze rested on the sweetly dreaming Ramiyuros.

It didn’t look like she intended to wake up anytime soon….

「It’s fine to take her with us. Right Hesty?」
「n, it’s fine. Even if she doesn’t, wake up, it’s not a problem.」

With Hesty’s guarantee, we decided to bring her along.

「As you see.」
「U-umu, got it. Also Daichi-dono…」
「Hm? What?」

Dianeia spoke to me with a suddenly timid tone.

She was staring behind me at the golems…

「Is there something wrong with the Golem Furniture?」
「F-furniture, I see….furniture…….You intend to bring those golems as well?」

Dianeia timidly inquired.

「Huh? Is it impossible? If it’s over the number of people you can move then I’ll decrease them.」
「Ah, well, it’s not impossible. My abilities have increased so I can move everyone. I can but…..these aren’t preparations for an invasion right?」
「Hm? That should be obvious. These aren’t soldiers, they’re furniture.」

Nothing more and nothing less.

Well, I guess they are golems…but as expected I treat these as furniture.

「U-Umu, I see. That’s so……Th-then I’ll bring the golems along.」

Daineia said, taking a deep breath and nodding.

「……those are…….nothing at all…..just tools and furniture. Right, that’s all they are to Daichi-dono……..」

I heard some murmuring from her, but for now it doesn’t seem like there was an issue.

Since I’ve got permission to move them I had the golems gather behind me.

It was a fairly far teleport. It seems quite difficult so I wanted to reduce her burden a bit.

With this our movement preparations were complete.

「Ok then, I’m fine to go anytime…….but did anyone forget anything?」

I called out to everyone reminding them to check their things.

They all confirmed that they were fine and nodded.

…..well, even if they did forget they could come back and get it.

It wasn’t extremely far. That being the case I could set off so care-freely. Well, that aside everyone appeared to be ready. As I thought that….

「It’s ok. Yes, we can go like this……」

I called out to Dianeia, who had been murmuring all this time.

「Dianeia we’re ready. Are you ok?」
「Hya!? ——y-yeah, I’m perfectly ok!」

She was startled by my voice for a moment but her expression tensed. Then…

「Very well, let us depart. —Teleport—」

Our trip began.

Using Dianeia’s magic we finished moving within seconds.

There wasn’t even a journey.

Moments before we had been inside my garden, but at that instant my vision wavered.

Then by the time my vision came back……

「Ohh, so this is the lake?」

A huge lake spread out before me with a beautiful blue sky above.



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