Chapter 189: In Resort


「Welcome to our private beach Daichi-dono. We’re glad to have you here.」

Dianeia said as we arrived and spread out her arms as an appeal showing off the view.

「You can use anything you see around here.」
「Ou, thanks for letting us use it….even so, it’s a pretty amazing place.」

I looked at the view that Dianeia was showing off and surveyed it once more.

The bright blue sky and the beautiful lake spread out before us.

The glittering white sand on the beach. The gentle movement of the lake along the water’s edge.

It was a place that made me wonder if this was really a lake.

「This is the first time I’ve seen a lake with such a beautiful sandy beach. You brought us to a wonderful place, thank you Dianeia.」

I thanked Dianeia…

「Oh, ohhh, that’s great. I’ve been causing you troubles all the time so I’m glad I could do something to repay you a bit……」

She said bashfully.

As she had said, this view truly surprised me.

When I heard it was a private beach I thought it’d be an amazing place, but I never thought it would be so beautiful.

「Master, this is some amazing scenery huh? The wind feels good too.」
「Yeah, you’re right.」

The garden had a cooling breeze running through it, but the lake breeze truly had a different quality about it.

Something about the smell of heated sand and the smell of water gave it a peaceful feeling.

Unlike the garden there was nothing to block the sunlight. This made the surroundings very hot, but thanks to the breeze and the view, the heat didn’t feel uncomfortable.

「It’s been a while since I’ve been back, but the lake is really nice.」
「n, I agree. This place, always feels, good.」

The smaller Dragon Kings both had a happy smile.

I’m glad they’re having a good time.

「Suka~, munya………..」
「Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, blue sky, white sand, and white Aneue-sama is the best….!!」

Well the big Dragon Kings were having fun in their own way.

One was enjoying their sleep, and one was having a nose bleed…it was a bit dangerous.

「tte, that’s right. Dianeia I was thinking of putting up a tree parasol…can I do that around here?」
「Eh, yes, I don’t mind.」
「Ok then, right around here and…..—Wood Golem—Change—」

I buried an apple under the sand, grew it, and transformed it into a golem.

With that a gigantic parasol was created.

「That’s good.」
「A-as always you do things on a huge scale.」
「Well, we have many people after all.」

Along with the parasol there would be a bench and other things so I thought it would be best if it was large.

For that purpose I enlarged the scale of the project.

I’m glad that even though I buried it under the sand it worked out.

「Then I need a place to put the golems…can I put them over there?」
「Y-yeah, I don’t mind but……we do have a place prepared for you to stay, how about you leave them there?」
「Eh? Is it really ok to borrow a place to stay as well?」

I asked and Dianeia strongly nodded.

「Of course it is! Please experience all that this beach has to offer! We have food prepared as well so leave the cooking to us!」
「I see. Well, I’m grateful.」

I had thought I was only being given permission to use the beach.

That’s why I brought a tent golem.

But it looks like I didn’t need it anymore.

Well, it was definitely a waste, so I should find a place to use it.

Maybe we can use it as a place to rest while we’re swimming.

Be that as it may, we don’t have any lodging issues now.

「Well, we have luggage so I think it’d be best if I guide you to the lodging first. Athena and the others should be there as well.」
「Oh is that so?」

That’s right, she had said they went on ahead.

「Then we’ll go say hello and go from there.」

It’s not like I had to leap right into the lake right this second.

Let’s go about it leisurely.

「Yes, thank you. Then please follow me.」

And so we set off to the lodging Dianeia had prepared for us.



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