Chapter 19: I Take What I’m Given. Of Course, That Includes Knowledge.


「Recently, monsters have attacked more actively huh…」
「That’s true.」

While I was eating my lunch, the monster that had appeared in the garden was dealt with.

I am synchronized with Sakura who is sitting next to me, and when I inspect it, the monster was a wild boar-like thing similar to the one that had attacked the other day.

When doing something with synchronization, precision and accuracy fall by quite a bit, but for weaker enemies this is more than enough.
When ordering the golems to 『Blow away enemy monsters』, they move on their own and send them flying.

Out the window I can see the apple trees dancing wildly.
Then, I finish eating my lunch and,

「Mm, it’s over huh?」

The thing that had been moving around my garden was gone.

「Thank you for your effort Master」
「No, in fact I need to thank you very much for this delicious lunch—-uh, what?」

Somehow there was a person shaped biological signal coming from the garden. The golems won’t blow them away, they might not be hostile, I wonder if they’re a visitor?

「I’m going out to take a look. Sakura, could you please clean up?」
「Yes, please leave it to me. Have a nice day!」
When I left the cleanup to Sakura and went outside, I soon found the cause of the biological signal.


Inside the field of apples there is a little girl.
Though I remember her face……for some reason her hair and clothes are white.
I thought that last time it was pitch black like ink though….

「Yo, it’s Hesty right?」

When I called out, she looked over at me and nodded.


For some reason she has a 2p-like color, but it’s definitely her.
This is the only person in this world that I’ve met who is straightforward and closest to common-sense, Hesty.

Though I wonder if she’s trying to change her image with the polar opposite look?

「Last time I was in disguise with make-up.」

Disguise? Other than your hair and your clothes…I wonder if it was really that different?

「It changed quite a bit. My own hair really stands out.」
「Ahh, yeah because it’s pure white huh.」

To the extent that if you even catch a glimpse of it in the forest you’d notice.

「These are my normal clothes. But when I try to travel all in white, everyone starts to nag. I’ll get involved with something weird or whatever. That other time as well. My companions dyed me and just like that they came with.」

I see.
When this little girl wants to travel there’s some meddlesome companions who want to join her huh?

「But, we don’t have to hide. At all. That’s why I’m like this.」
「Oh, if you say you don’t need to hide, then you’ve found a safe place to settle down?」

Hesty nods up and down.
Since her journey has ended, then she can return to wearing white I guess…
That’s nice for her.


For a second, Hesty’s clothes seemed to look like burial clothes to me.
When Hesty sensed my strange gaze, she tilted her head in confusion.

「What’s wrong? Is there something weird with my clothes?」
「Well…it seems similar to some clothes that I’ve seen before. They’re clothes to wear when a close family member dies though….」
「Well, these are just my formal clothes though.」

She sounds like she’s sulking a little.

「Ahh, sorry sorry. I wasn’t trying to say they were bad.」
「Well, you’re not completely wrong. These are only for something big. I wear these when there is a do or die decision or something of great importance about to happen.」

A big decision huh?
Settling down in a new place is definitely a big decision.

「Are you settling down around here?」
「Yes. I came here today… greet you, and thank you for the apple.」

This kid is thanking me too huh?
The witch princess and this girl as well…seems like this world’s people are quite conscientious.
Well actually, that leaky princess came here to invade the first time.

「Do you have time right now?」
「Hmmm, today…well…I don’t have anything to do today.」
「Then here.」

Hesty handed me a single piece of paper.
Written on it was,

「………a map?」
「It is in place of a present. It is a simple map of the world. Next to this forest is Prussia, the country of magic. Starting from here and going around the world is The Holy Knight Country, Kingdom, Beast country, etc. there are many others.」

She spread out the map and pointed to each place talking about their names and miscellaneous things.

「Ummm…..your thanks is, telling me about the world?」
「Yes, because I have travelled around, I know a lot. That’s why if you have things you don’t know I’ll tell you. Or did you know these things before?」
「Nope, not even a little bit.」

In fact, I thought it was fine even if I didn’t know.
Because, honestly I have no real intention of travelling too far from my house, but now that I think about it it might not be a bad thing to have more knowledge about this world.
Though there may be a lot I don’t know, it’s also possible for me to ask Sakura to gather information if I need it.

「You and this land are very strong. That much even I know.」

And this girl seems to have sensed my magic power too.

「—-but strong as you may be, there is no disadvantage to having knowledge. Therefore if you have questions about magic, living creatures, magic power, or anything you want to know just ask me.」
「Ok, teach me Hesty-sensei」

And just like that, starting from this day, I started gathering knowledge from this little teacher.



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