Chapter 190.5: —Side Dragon King— Dragon Awakening


Hesty was dragging a burden across the white sandy beach when Manaril arrived.

「Huh? Hesty, what are you doing?」
「n, drastic measures.」

Hesty said and indicated the baggage…..Ramiyuros that was still sleeping while lying on the sand.


Completely ignoring the shock from being dragged around she was sleeping and drooling…

「Here, we go.」

Hesty checked the position on the beach, nodded, and stopped.

Slowly the sun began to shine directly on their position.

She waited for a few dozen seconds.


The sandy beach was heated by the beaming sun while heating up Ramiyuros as well.

「Sho hot!!」

Ramiyuros cried out as she leapt to her feet.

「As expected, if it’s the sand, heat then, even Ramiyuros, will wake up.」
「O-of course it’ll get me up….but that’s so mean Hesty!!」

Ramiyuros said with a completely red face, but Hesty only slightly closed her eyes and shifted her gaze.

「It’s not mean. It’s your fault, for not getting, up. We passed, the promised, meet up time, a long time ago.」
「Promised t……..huh? Actually, where are we? I remember that I should be sleeping in Daichi-san’s home…」
「We’re, at the lake. You wouldn’t wake up, so I dragged, you.」

With those words Ramiyuros finally understood.

「Ah…’s right.」
「Yes, I pulled you this, far. You promised to wake, up, but you didn’t so, I pulled you.」
「S-Sorry, I’m sorry Hesty! I was so excited I couldn’t sleep! I ended up going to sleep late~」

Ramiyuros said while clinging to Hesty in tears. Hesty heaved a long sigh.

She thought that it was just as usual, you really can’t help it….

「Well, now that you’re awake, it’s done. There’s a room, over there, so go get, prepared.」
「G-got it~. I’ll be right back!」

Ramiyuros said and set off running. Hesty watched her and let out another sigh.

「It’s fine, now.」
「Hesty has troubles too huh…」
「Well, I’m used to, it. Also, Manaril it’s been a while, since you’ve been here, how is it?」
「Even if you ask me….I’ve only been gone for a little while so it hasn’t been polluted too much. I sang a bit and purified it some, so monsters shouldn’t appear.」

This lake naturally has bad magic power flowing into it.

That’s why Manaril was here to purify it.

Since Katarakta was no longer here, she didn’t need to do it nearly as often, but even so it was necessary.

「Well, it’s still much better than when I needed to live her permanently. I’m really quite thankful to Daichi-san.」
「That’s, right. He somehow took care of Katarakta, so we can play without, a care.」

Normally, if they wanted to swim in the lake, they would need to keep Katarakta’s poison in mind. However, this time they didn’t need to care for a thing.

Thinking that, her heart felt lighter.

「To think a day would come when we can swim peacefully like this.」
「n, really. Ah…….but I feel like, there was a dungeon, at the bottom of, the lake… that, ok?」

There was a dungeon sunk in the bottom of this lake.

It had come into existence long ago, and there weren’t any monsters inside of it anymore.

However, the magic stone device was reacting.

If there was an abnormality then she should tell Daichi and Dianeia but…

「There’s no problem at all. In fact, Dianeia-san already knows about it. She also knows that it is at a standstill.」
「Ah, is that, so? Then there’s, no problem.」

Since they already knew this then there shouldn’t be an issue.

Hesty thought this when…..

「Thanks for waiting Hesty~!」

Ramiyuros cried out as she ran over in her swimsuit as her chest shook and swayed incredibly.

A short while ago she had been complaining about the heat as she held her cheek, but it seemed like she had already forgotten about it.

「Fuu….well, sometimes it might be, good to take it easy, and have fun, like Ramiyuros….」
「That’s right. Everyone’s here too, so let’s go swimming.」

The Dragon Kings laughed as they prepared to enjoy to their heart’s content.



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