Chapter 190: Undress and Start


The lodging that Dianeia had prepared were cottages above the white sandy beach.

It wasn’t just one or two but there were various cottages.

「It might be small compared to your home Daichi-dono, but please choose a place you’d like. One house can sleep 5-6 people so you can use any of them.」

Dianeia said and we went to divide up the rooms.


「Can I stay together with Master?」
「Yeah, I don’t mind.」

Using one house each was a pain since Sakura and I usually stayed in the same room together. Then…

「Same room as Aneue-sama……Same room as Aneue-sama………!!」
「Umm, sorry but, could I, come too…….? If I’m alone, then that (・・) would come.」
「Yeah I don’t mind.」

With that…Sakura, Hesty, and I would be using the same cottage.

Well, it’d be the usual three of us like always.

「It’s pretty wide inside too.」
「It has large beds, a shower, and a kitchen.」

It was a spacious one-room cottage.

It was large enough that the three of us could use it without inconvenience.

………un, this would be useful as a reference.

I’d like to memorize how this type of structure was built.

It was the perfect opportunity so I’ll make sure to remember.

I’ll probably be able to use it somewhere.

「Anyway, let’s leave our luggage and go out~」
「Ok got it Master.」
「n, I’ll leave mine, too.」

So we left our luggage and went to leave when…

「Daichi-oniisan Welcome~!」

Athena emerged from the next-door cottage.

Then just like that she lightly dashed over.

She was much more lightly dressed than before, probably because we were right by the beach.

「Oh, Athena. You look well.」
「I’m doing great~. I’ve been training a lot for today and doing my best! I’m wearing my swimsuit underneath so I can swim any time!」

Athena said appealing the swimsuit under her clothes.

It was frilly and cute.

「Ehehe~ how is it? It’s new, does it suit me?」
「Yeah, it’s nice~」
「Yay! Thank you Daichi-oniisan!」

As I felt warm watching the cheerfully laughing Athena I thought, she must have really been looking forward to this. Then…

「Hey Princess Athena. Don’t go running around.」

Karen appeared already wearing her swimsuit as she walked over briskly.

She was wearing a pretty bikini that was perfectly fitted.

「I’m sorry Daichi. Princess Athena was being forward. It looks like she wants to swim as quickly as possible. In any case, we’ll be in your care from today forward.」
「…….being forward…I feel like you’re the same Karen.」

In fact I feel like her clothes showed that she was the one who was most excited.

「Well, best regards. It looks like we’ll be neighbors.」
「It looks to be the case……….for me it’s quite wonderful…….」

Karen said as her body shook with her laughter.

As I thought, it’s quite complicated to deal with these Dragon Kings.

Their behavior isn’t exactly ordinary, but whatever.

「Karen~ Karen~ We’ve greeted Daichi-oniisan so for now let’s go back to the room for a bit and wait for them.」
「Ah………yes, that’s right Princess Athena. Well, Daichi we’ll see you in a bit.」

They said and returned to their room.

So it looks like they really came out just to greet us.

It looks like their tension was much higher than usual.

「n, well, Dragon Kings, don’t usually come to, places like this.」
「We don’t usually, gather, or do social activities, like this. Going places, as a group, is very rare.」

I see. Dragon Kings usually take individual action.

They seemed like they lived by their whims so I could understand it.

「tte, that’s right. We should change too.」
「Ah, un, that’s right.」

Since we were already here, there was no need for normal clothing.

For swimming or fishing swim trunks would be appropriate.

「Ok, the order has been messed up, but let’s change into our suits.」
「Got it Master! Ah, we’ll need sunscreen too.」
「Yeah, I’ll leave it to you.」

And so our first day in the resort truly began.



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