Chapter 191: Catch of the Day


Near the cottages on the lake.

There was a small pier nearby.

Daichi was sitting on the pier with a straw hat on and his fishing line in the water but…

「Huh, you’re fishing already Daichi-san?」
「Oh, Manaril?」

Manaril called out to me and sat down next to me.

「You’re not swimming?」
「Yeah, I can swim anytime……..first I wanted to try the fishing rod I made.」

I wanted to test how my new product worked.

That was the thought behind my fishing this time.

「In that way you’re similar to Hesty. Hesty also can’t wait when she makes a new wand and wants to hurry and test it.」
「Haha, well Hesty is my teacher after all.」

I’d learned many things from her so I may have picked up some habits.

「Fufu, if she heard that then she’d be happy.」
「I wouldn’t know…… the way, why are you over here Manaril?」

Manaril as well, are you not going to swim?

「Ahh, well they look like they’re having fun. It’s just a little showy.」

Manaril said as her gaze slid over to the group.

The ones who were standing out the most were Karen, Ramiyuros, and Athena….

「Fuu! This is a test of strength! Here I go Princess Athena!」

Karen cried out with a spirited voice as Athena returned her enthusiasm. Karen grabbed Athena from under her armpits.


Athena was sent flying into the air.

「Wa~i, how fun~」

Athena gave a cheer as she dropped into the lake with a big splash.

「Hmm fifteen meter…….umu, not good enough yet.」
「Ah, next is me~. Athena-chan how about it?」
「Of course Ramiyuros-san~! Go for it!」

And with that the people and water splashed…it turned into a person throwing festival.

「……..looks like fun.」
「Un, it is, but I think I’ll hold back.」
「I see. I’ll pass as well, so I’ll just continue fishing.」

For the first day of the vacation I wanted to abstain from such high energy antics.

「I see. So have you lured anything?」
「For the time being I’ve lured Manaril.」
「Fufu, I guess so. I’ve been lured, but anything else?」
「Well, I haven’t hooked anything.」

I raised my fishing rod.

The lure was in perfect condition as it hung in mid-air.

…….after all I didn’t have a reel.

I just moved the string and lure appropriately.

Even with that, there were some small bites. However, I wasn’t able to pull any in.

「If you want to get fish then all you have to do is hit them with magic…..but I don’t think that’s the point.」
「Yeah, I’m glad you know.」

It isn’t as if I wanted fish in particular.

I just wanted to sample the atmosphere of peacefully fishing.

…….though this might be the excuses of a sore loser.

Be that as it may, I was thinking how to fish better, when Manaril grabbed the string.

「Huh……..? I was wondering what kind of thread this was…but doesn’t it have too much magic?」
「Is that so? Oh, I did use dragon materials so it’s probably strong.」
「Yes, not probably…definitely. Most likely normal fish won’t approach.」

Fumu, I see.

My inability to catch anything wasn’t just from my inexperience.

…….even so I don’t know how to fix this.

Maybe I should use different string?

…….but if so, all this string would go to waste.

It was very strong and if possible I’d want to find a practical use for it.

Finding different string should be my last resort. I was worrying over what I should do when…….

「As expected, the string’s magic, is amazing.」

Hesty arrived with her straw hat on.

「Hesty…you say as expected…do you mean you thought this would happen?」
「I had thought it, possible. I didn’t know for sure, until you, tried.」

Is that so? Well, it turned out just how Hesty had thought.

「Do you have any countermeasures?」
「n~ maybe, you could use coating, on it.」
「It can be used on other things than people?」
「It can. I’ll give it, a try, though it may change the feeling.」

Hesty said and touched my fishing line. Then…


She used her magic.

The line was covered in a thin magical light which disappeared in a moment.

「Oh~, you really can.」
「n, I think, this will work………how is it, Manaril? Can you feel, magic power?」
「No, not at all. It feels normal. I don’t think this will be a problem.」

The two Dragon Kings say that the magic power has been subdued.

That’s good for me.

「Ok then, let’s see how it goes. Resume testing. I have several fishing rods and fishing lines so would you girls like to try?」
「n, I will.」
「Yes, I will as well. I’ll take you up on your offer.」

With that atmosphere the Dragon Kings sat on my sides and began fishing.

I hope I catch something besides Dragon Kings from now on.



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