Chapter 194: Taste of the Lake


After resolving the ‘Dianeia swimsuit disturbance’ I succeeded in catching a number of fish.


「Why are each and every one of these so sparkly………」

The ones I had fished all glittered like silver and gold. They were all fish with the luster of metal.

Certainly there were fish with scales of a silver color, but I had never seen such fish that looked like they were cast from the metal itself.

Furthermore, most of them surpassed 50 centimeters. They were huge…this was abnormal.

「This is……Silver Guard. It is a fish with scales as strong as metal.」

Dianeia shared her insight as she continued her own fishing.

「For that reason, even if you hook it your line would break….and if you catch it you can barely cut it……..the line made by Daichi-dono is really amazing….」
「Well, this line should be stronger than metal after all. Other than that, there seem to be quite a lot of dangerous fish around here huh?」

There were fish that could bite through nets and fish that were basically covered in metal.

Is it really ok to swim in these waters?

「Well, these type of fish usually stay deep at the bottom of the lake so there’s no issue. Plus when people are swimming there’s usually a magic defense cast so injuries are mostly avoided.」
「Ahh, what you talked about before?」
「Yes, also Anne-dono said that our swimsuits had defensive properties as well. They’re enough to prevent skin damage.」
「Ohh? Anne’s swimsuits have that kind of thing as well?」

I thought they were just easy to wear and nice to look at.

……….magic is really convenient.

Anyways, since I don’t have to worry about swimming let’s relax.

「So….is this Silver Guard edible?」
「A-ahh, as I thought you intend to eat it?」
「Well, I fished it up. Of course I will. It’s not poisonous right?」
「Umu, it’s not poisonous at all. It is supposed to taste light and delicious but…..the scales are the issue. You can descale them, but a normal knife won’t cut it.」

Right, it was as hard as normal metals. But,

「I’ll manage somehow. I still have some of Ramiyuros’s scales.」

There were quite a few I had stored inside of my golems.

They were initially for maintaining and creating new lures but….

……they could also be used to make a small knife.

If it was just at the level of a slightly hard metal, then a dragon scale knife could cut it.

「I see. Un…….ok then. If it’s just at the level of normal metal it means nothing to you.」
「Well it’s not really to do with me, it’s more the properties of the dragon scale.」

Leaving that aside, it’s edible so there’s no problem.

I’d feel strangely sad if I fished up an inedible fish.

As I was thinking that…


I heard a stomach grumble.

The culprit was Hesty who had been fishing next to me.

「…….I might be, hungry, I think?」
「I told you to stop doubting if you’re hungry. But, I guess that’s right. It’s about time to stop and eat.」

The sun was high in the sky.

…….it was broad daylight.

No wonder she was hungry.

We’d been doing this since earlier in the morning.

As I thought that I looked at the map I’d gotten from Dianeia.

「Umm——there’s an outdoor kitchen by the cottages. Do they have an iron plate and stuff like that?」
「Yes of course. We have everything you need prepared. We have ingredients and vegetables prepared as well.」
「Got it. Ok then, we’ll be cooking.」

If I cooked it well then they should be tasty.

「Master~ I’ve finished my preparations~!」

Sakura met us partway.

By looking at her I could see she was wearing an apron over her swimsuit.

「Eh? Were you always on standby?」
「No no, I was swimming before, but when I saw Master catching fish I got the kitchen ready for cooking.」
「Oh~, sorry for the trouble.」
「Not at all, if we can make delicious food then it’s nothing at all!」

Sakura nodded with all her might.

Looks like Sakura’s more excited than usual since she was on vacation.

「Well, guess so. Let’s gather everyone and let’s get eating.」

I said and this time Dianeia nodded.

「Well then, I’ll go call the ones playing over there. Daichi-dono and you three please go on ahead.」
「Got it. Let’s go.」
「n, let’s go.」

Then Sakura, the two Dragon Kings, and I headed over to the outdoor kitchen.

We would be enjoying fresh food from the lake.



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