Chapter 195: Outdoor Rice Cooking


There was a large griddle in the outdoor kitchen.

Next to it was a cutting table where Sakura had left some vegetables.

「Sakura~, we’ll be preparing fish…do you think a filet is good?」
「Ah, yes. But, this is Master’s vacation time…is this alright?」
「Well, it’s this kind of place. I’ll help out too. I’d like to handle the things that I caught.」

Leaving aside the seasoning, even I could cut up ingredients.

From time to time I should do some work.

「Well then please do. I’ll be preparing the meat and vegetables that Dianeia arranged for us.」
「Good. I’ll be readying my fish and giving them to you.」

I said and lined up the fish on the chopping board,

「I’ll help as well~ Daichi-sama~」

Anne trotted over with a big smile.

I was wondering why her tension was so high when,


I saw a limp Hesty captured inside her bosom.

Anne came over here after she caught Hesty it seems.

She looked at me with eyes that had given up so I didn’t speak up.

Be that as it may, I was happy that there was more people.

「Ok then, Anne take the fish out of the golem. They’re full of life so be careful.」
「Roger that~」

I’d caught some dangerous fish, but as a Dragon King it would probably be fine.

I thought such things as I looked at the spirit fish on the chopping board.

The golden fish unexpectedly didn’t struggle much.

It had dangerous looking fangs and horns so I put in some effort to restrain it, but anyways I was able to safely handle it.

「Well…..umm, when you put your effort in then nothing will escape. No matter how powerful or magical the fish is.」
「Really? I’m not letting down my guard.」

If there was an injury during cooking my tension would drop.
Safely preparing food was the priority.

「That’s right. Huh…so you can prepare fish?」
「Well, to some degree, yes.」

However, I’d left such things to Sakura recently. It took me some time to remember my skills. I could easily filet some fish.

As I was thinking that…

「Somehow, I thought we’d be eating, the fresh fish, in its entirety, fresh.」

Hesty said something strange.

「Entirety? ……bones and all?」
「n, that’s right?」

She nodded bluntly.

Well…I guess I understood.

This Dragon King was never concerned with food.

「…..Anne…have Hesty’s eating habits always been like this?」

I asked and Anne awkwardly scratched her cheek.

「Umm, yes. Meat and fish…though she might cut and scorch it, she usually just eats it whole.」

She said in a roundabout manner.

I didn’t think she’d do that for everything.

「Ahh…….this is a good chance. Hesty if you’d like you can try cooking? Even so it’d just be cutting and tasting things.」

I asked and Hesty timidly looked at my face.

「Is that, ok?」

It looks like it wasn’t that she didn’t have any interest.

「Of course. There’s not too many things I can teach you after all. Let’s do it together.」
「n, I’ve wanted, to learn some cooking, too. It helps.——thank you.」
「You’re very welcome.」

I taught Hesty how to handle a knife while preparing the fish.

And so we all continued to make our meal.



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