Chapter 196: Dragon King’s Hand Skill


Everyone came together to eat the lunch we’d prepared.

……even though I say prepared, we only grilled the ingredients we’d arranged.

We’d just be eating some grilled things on a plate.

However, it was outside and on a beautiful beach…maybe that was what made things so much more appetizing.

Just like that I filled my stomach and…

「Ok then golem. Change into bed.」

I had the golem change into a bed on the sunny beach.

「Uwaa! Daichi-oniisan what’s this!?」
「It’s something I made to let people lie down. After eating a big lunch there are definitely people who feel sleepy.」
「Ahh, is that so? Having a resting place is really comfortable.」
「Yeah. But… looks like you’re still energetic Athena.」

She’d been moving actively since the morning, but she didn’t look tired at all.

「Un! It’s been a while since I came here. —But, Daichi-oniisan doesn’t look tired either.」
「Well I’ve been sitting on the pier fishing the entire time.」
「No no, you fished up such huge fish you know!? Plus they were all strong fish like the Spirit Fish. It’s amazing that you aren’t exhausted.」

True, I had to pull with some force to get the fish, but my fishing rod and line were so strong and high efficiency.

It might be thanks to that as well.

「Anyways, if you’re tired you can rest here. I’ll put up a parasol as well.」

I set up a parasol near the bed and covered it in shadow.

With this they could avoid sunburn.

「Un, got it! Then I’ll go swimming to tire myself out!」

Athena said and charged to the lake.

It looks like she was overflowing with energy. I was starting to feel like swimming too, but…

…first I’d like to improve the fishing rod I made.

I’d found various points for improvement.

I’ll put off swimming for a bit.

I sat down on the bed and stared at my fishing rod but…

「mu… I thought, when you’re at the beach you can’t avoid getting baked.」

Even though I put up the parasol, the white sand reflected the light of the sun.

Thanks to that the bed was getting hot.

「At this rate I might even get a sunburn.」

I should have laid down a sheet on the beach as well I thought when,

「Daichi-sama~! I brought some sunscreen!」

I wonder if she heard me? But Anne was dashing over the white sands. And…

「Allow me to put it on you!」

She stood before me and strongly insisted.

In her hand was a bottle of what I suppose was sunscreen.

Honestly, if she gave it to me I would put it on myself.

「Let me put it on! I’ll stick it on Daichi-sama’s back!」

She said the same thing again.

How much did she want to spread it on me?

「A-after all it’s a chance to legally touch Daichi-sama’s skin…..i-is it no good?」

Anne said timidly as she checked my expression.

「Ahhh, well, I don’t mind. In fact it’d be helpful.」
「Thank you very much! Ueee, touching Daichi-sama like this is a reward……….」

This Dragon King……..she had such dubious eyes.

In fact, I could see a small handprint on her cheek….

「You….you went to Hesty first didn’t you…..」
「Yes! Aneue-sama pushed my face away and escaped but….ehehe. Thanks to that I was able to be with Daichi-sama so it turned out all right!」

She said as her cheeks became flushed.

This Dragon King never learns.

「Well, whatever. Put it on me.」

I laid down on the bed and gazed at the water’s surface as Anne began to cover my skin.

As I gazed over I realized that Karen and the others were gazing over here…their eyes looked dangerous.

It bothered me a bit so I was hoping Anne would hurry a bit but…

「Well, since you’re doing this for me I should return the favor. How about it?」
「Eh……..on me? Umm, is that ok?」
「Well, you did it for me. If you want, I’ll do it.」
「By all means please do! Alright, I’ll do my best!」
「Yeah, just do it moderately.」

And so, I was made resistant to sunburns by a Dragon King’s hand.



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