Chapter 197: Afternoon Activities


After getting rubbed with some sunscreen I went with the flow and put it on Anne as well.

It wasn’t anything impressive, I just had her lie on the bed and took the white lotion from Anne and started to spread it thinly…..

「Hyaaaaaa…….D-Daichi-sama’s hand feels good.」

It was just that Anne was big in various ways so I was having trouble finding a safe place to look.

I could see her chest pressed to the sides as she was laying down after all.

「Well, let’s get this done.」

I had Anne’s permission so I’ll just quickly put it on and get this finished with.

I was thinking that but……


I had a weird feeling and turned to look at the lake. There I saw Karen staring at me intently.

She stood out on the white sandy beach with her well-balanced body and colorful swimsuit.

………I wonder if she has something to say.

Well, when I finish putting lotion on Anne I can go ask, I thought and returned my gaze to Anne.

Then, I calmly moved my hands.

「But still, this suntan lotion is quite strong. It’s really sticky.」
「It is indeed. It uses special minerals and plants after all. However, it’s effectiveness is guaranteed so please be at ease.」
「Ok, well you brought it Anne so I didn’t have any doubts that it would work in the first place.」

I said and Anne peeked at my face with an embarrassed laugh.

「…….i-if Daichi-sama compliments me with such a serious face it embarrasses me.」
「It’s true after all. Anyways, here. We’re done.」
「T-thank you very much.」

Now that I finished rubbing lotion on Anne I raised my head to take a breather when….


Karen was staring at my hand and the suntan lotion.

In fact she was staring over here while getting closer.

A few seconds later she arrived in front of me.

「Daichi, I have a request.」

She said gripping my hand.

I kind of understood what was going to happen though…

「Umm, Karen you want me to rub it on you as well?」
「Yes! I want to savor the feeling of Daichi’s hand as well!」

She said with sparkling shining eyes.

……well, I do owe Karen for some things she’s taught me.

I suppose it’d be fine to do it with a feeling of repaying favors.

「Ok, then lay down over there.」
「Yes! Please!」
「You don’t have to get so fired up.」

With that, my Dragon King rubbing time was extended.
After finishing my Dragon King service I began my fishing rod improvements.

「First is coating….next adjusting the line length, making the lure heavier.」

Since I got here I’d only been fishing, but it’s fine since I was enjoying myself.

It was fun to catch fish so I had some motivation.

…….if I wanted to swim I could hop in the water anytime.

I’ll fish until I’m satisfied. As I was thinking I finished adjusting the line.

With this my strength should be transmitted more easily.

…….as long as I don’t drop the lure into someplace too deep.

Well, if I wanted to go deep fishing I’d need to make a reel.

I could make a simple reel to let out and wind up the fishing line but I didn’t feel it necessary.

For now I’ll go with this.

I’ll make it if I find myself in need.

「Ok then, time to try it out. Golem, follow me.」

I put on my straw hat and walked out from under the parasol.

……I wonder where I should fish now.

Thinking that I walked across the sandy beach.



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