Chapter 198: Collaboration in the Lake


I chose a rocky outcrop opposite from the small pier for my next fishing spot.

It was some distance from where everyone else was swimming.

Why did I choose this place?

「Daichi-san~ around here I feel the presence of a lot of fish.」

Manaril had said and guided me over here herself.

「Thanks Manaril. Sorry for making you use your sensing abilities for something like this.」

Her sensing ability was most comparable to sonar, she was able to sense places where fish gathered.

I truly thought it was a waste to just use that ability for playing around but…

「Fufu, it’s fine. I’m enjoying myself helping you search for a fishing spot.」

She said and guided me.

Then, by the time we got here I wasn’t alone.

「I knew there were rocky places around here, but I never knew about this place………」

Dianeia had followed us.

『I ended up shaming myself with the swimsuit fishing incident this morning! This time I’ll be helpful for sure!』

She had insisted enthusiastically.

I didn’t think she had to mind it, but she was conscientious. I thought as I…

「Wood, transform into a bench.」

I transformed a tree into a bench on the rocks.

The stones were uneven, but this transformed tree could adjust somewhat adjust itself to the unevenness. Because of that I could sit without worry.

「Here, you should sit too Dianeia and Manaril. Take it easy.」
「Un, thank you Daichi-san.」
「Th-then I’ll sit too.」

Then, as I was sandwiched between the two on the bench, I began fishing once more.
A while later the fish-tank golem was filled with a number of fish.

「I never thought the fishing would be this good…..」

Normally fishing would involve more chance.

Right now it felt that whenever I put my line out I just needed to wait a bit and a fish would bite.

「Somehow, it feels like I shouldn’t make light of Manaril’s power.」
「Uh-uh, certainly there are plenty of fish here, but your line and lure are moving with suppressed magic power, that’s why. I think this is mostly due to your own efforts. I’m not catching too many myself.」

Manaril had certainly not caught as many, but I think she was doing well enough.

「To begin with I don’t have the skill to get a bite on every cast. I am glad that it’s happening though.」

Looking at the resulting big haul of fish, I was grateful.

It’s great that our dinner menu has increased, I thought.

「D-Daichi-dono…sorry but…can you help me?」

Dianeia was pulling strongly on her fishing rod.

「What’s wrong?」
「For some reason it’s gotten hard to pull since a short while ago. I think it might have gotten caught on something.」
「Caught on something? The line shouldn’t be long enough for that to happen.」

I muttered while feeling the rod in Dianeia’s hands.

Then, I could clearly feel something pulling from the end of the line.

「Ohh, it looks like you caught a big one.」
「R-really? B-but no matter how I pulled it wouldn’t move?」

Dianeia had been standing and pulling the line, but it hadn’t moved.

It was definitely something heavy.

「Fumu, then I’ll help you out.」
「Then, I’ll give you the rod and……..」
「No no, that’s not necessary.」

I moved to Dianeia’s back and placed my hands over her hands on the fishing rod.

At that moment Dianeia’s face blushed bright red.

「D-Daichi-dono!? W-What are you…..!?」
「Well, I’m just lending you some strength. I won’t steal your catch.」

I was going to lend my strength, but Dianeia should be the one to finish this.

Those were my thoughts when I took up this posture.

「I-is that so? I-i-is that so….yeah, I just misunderstood! But, thank you Daichi-dono.」
「No need for thanks. Let’s pull it up fast.」
「A-ahh, I’ll be in your care!」
「「One, two…!」」

Dianeia and I spoke counted together and pulled with all our strength.

The fishing line started creaking but as expected of dragon string.

Without snapping, it transmitted our strength and we pulled out what she’d caught.

Then from the water surface what emerged was…..


A red and golden octopus tentacle.

However, it was incredibly long and thick.

Furthermore, that wasn’t the only thing that emerged.

「D-Daichi-dono, something came out over there!」

I looked and saw from the opposite of the rocky shore the lake surface was waving and bubbling. Then….


The water sprayed up revealing a humongous golden and red octopus.

It looks like she truly had caught a big one.



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