Chapter 199: Afternoon Big Game


What had been fished up…more accurately it was summoned, was an almost 50 meters overall giant octopus.

「That is one big octopus. I’ll ask just in case…but it is an octopus right Dianeia?」

I asked and Dianeia slowly nodded without taking her wide-eyed stare off of the octopus.

「Y-yes. I don’t think there’s an issue saying this is an octopus…but more accurately it should be a Sanzu Octopus.」

It seems like Dianeia even knew the full name of this creature.

Well it was better to know the details of this creature. There were many things I’d like to learn just like this, but I needed more info on this creature.

「Are all the octopi in this world this big?」
「N-no this is the first time I’ve seen such a gigantic one.」

Dianeia said astonishedly. Next to her Manaril tilted her head.

「It might be the case that it increased in size once Katarakta left. After all the magic pressure disappeared all at once.」

Dianeia started as if realizing something.

Truly, if such a huge thing had been loitering around like this, things would be dangerous.

「I see. Well I’ll just treat it as if we’ve just seen a rare creature…but what are we going to do with it?」

We couldn’t put such a giant creature inside the live-fish tank….but at that moment Dianeia grasped my shoulder.

「D-Daichi-dono? Th-there’s quite some pressure pushing down on us…but you seem completely normal.」
「Well I guess……….hm. It’s just an octopus.」

Certainly the giant octopus was looking at us with its huge eyes.

I could feel some animosity, however it looked like a normal octopus otherwise. It somehow took the stress out of the situation.

It did look like it was hostile to us so I suppose I should deal with it. Those were my thoughts as my golems gathered on the rocky outcropping…

「Ah, Oi Dianeia! The tentacle you fished up is getting close to your feet!」
「Eh? —When did it!?」

Dianeia leapt away.

However, the tentacle was even faster as it sped close and grasped Dianeia’s leg.


and just like that she was restrained.

To be captured by the thing she’d fished up…what was this princess doing…?

However, she wasn’t the only victim.

「W-wait! G-give it back!」

Manaril had gotten hit by a tentacle as well.

It didn’t seem like she was injured, but the tentacle had carried away the upper portion of her swimsuit.

It was now stuck to a tentacle.

「…….how did this happen?」

Manaril said with a teary glare as she shielded her chest with her arms.

「I-it looks like this octopus’s tentacles have quite a bit of magic in them. It seems like it was enough to break through the defenses that Anne instilled in the swimsuits.」
「I guess so.」
「Furthermore, the tentacles are so slimy with many suction pads, that just getting hit will stick and carry them away.」

It’s tentacles were moving in a shrewd and unpredictable way.

If we made any poor moves it’d probably take the opportunity to grab us.

「Hi hiu……sl-slimy is no good….!」

Now Dianeia was getting all teary.

It’s a pretty big catastrophe.

Looks like she can’t handle it so I should save her.

「Umm…where should I even begin taking down an octopus?」

I’d like to maintain its freshness but I didn’t remember where the right place to hit so I didn’t ruin it.

If I just randomly attacked and destroyed it, it’d be a waste.


As I was thinking a knife flew from behind me and stabbed into the octopus.

The octopus shuddered and suddenly stopped moving.


I turned to see Sakura with another kitchen knife in her hand. She walked up to the octopus, and struck it with the knife once more.

「You should aim here when preparing an Octopus Master. Right here.」

Seeing her stabbing an octopus between the eyes with a smile on her face was quite scary.

But now that I knew where to aim it should be easy.

「… seems like it’s still moving.」

The octopus was moving while the knife was still stuck in it.

It seems like the previous strikes had only stopped its movements temporarily.

In fact a tentacle was reaching towards Sakura.

However, Sakura didn’t mind and drove away the tentacle with her knife.

「Ara, it seems my knife was a little too short.」
「Looks like it. But you can leave the final blow to me. Kongou Vajra——Arm-only version」

I equipped my arm with the wooden armor.

The wood mallet.

「Let’s do it properly」

I wound up my fist and struck between its eyes. At that moment…


A sound like a voice came out of the octopus and at the same time its body turned completely white.

「I-it finally came off……!」

Once the strength left the tentacle Dianeia was able to escape.

「Th-thank you Daichi-san」

Manaril also safely recovered her swimsuit.

It looks like the fuss was over.

「T-to stop such a huge creature with one move…..a-as usual you’re incredible.」
「Well even if it was huge…it’s an octopus. The amazing one this time was really Sakura who knew exactly what to do.」
「No no, the one who gave a perfect finishing blow was Master. I’m just glad I was of help. Leave the kitchen and preparation to me.」

Sakura said with a laugh as she set off for the kitchen.

「Well, things got weird, but you fished up a big one Dianeia.」
「U, umu. Really….I’m glad things ended up alright….」

We’d use this for our evening meal. Maybe takoyaki or something.

Be that as it may, the first day of our trip turned into a barbeque festival.



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